Alpine Style 2 Story House Design with Gable Roof

Presented here is a two-story house with a gable roof located in the Italian municipality of Lyon in the highlands. Its design is typologically based on a traditional alpine house but has received a new reading thanks to innovative solutions of architects. Alpine-style modern design: white and dark against greenery To the traditions of the … Read more

Beautiful Two Storey Monolithic Brick House

The project of a two-storey monolithic brick house from Chinthaka Wickramage associates is a reflection of the main advantages of the construction techniques used in it. The frame of the building is made of the monolith – reinforced concrete, and the building envelopes and partitions – of brick. Using the example of an object, we … Read more

2 Storey House Exterior Design @ 101+ Fresh Facade Ideas

modern mansion exterior

The two-story house is the golden mean that will provide a high level of comfort in the absence of unclaimed living space. The two-story layout provides for a natural division of the area of the house into an active zone and a place to rest. Projects of two-story houses and cottages provide an extensive field … Read more

Two-Story Wave-Shaped House In An Ultra-Modern Style

As a wave-shaped house, it was possible to harmoniously fit into the Swiss natural landscape, using the features of the area with maximum benefit. Two-story wave-shaped house from the SAOTA architectural bureau is surrounded by a Swiss landscape. The cottage is made in an ultra-modern hi-tech style and is fully consistent with the trends of … Read more

Facade of a two-story brick house with a roof stylized as brickwork

How did you manage to combine the traditional facade of a two-story brick house with features of the deconstructivism style – a photo of the project with a description. The architectural bureau ALT architectuur presented a project of an extraordinary mansion, which combines elements from almost opposite, disparate directions. The house was erected in a … Read more

Narrow Two Story House With Modern Wood Trim

When building a summer house on a compact site, you often resort to non-standard ideas to realize full-fledged housing and achieve its maximum rationality. Architectural bureau Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur has presented a narrow two-story house with modern wood trim, ideal for a problematic suburban area. With an area of 100 square meters, the dwelling has … Read more

Beautiful 2-Story House Design with Dynamic Facade

An ultra-modern, flexible project is a dynamically beaten cottage with auxiliary structures thought out to the smallest detail, integrated landscape design. This 2 story house design caters to the present and future needs of a family of four. And due to the location on a hill, it also offers stunning views. The dynamics can be … Read more

2 Storey Modern House Design with Panoramic Windows

A luxurious villa in Indonesia is located in a densely populated area of the city of Tasikmalaya. But this did not stop the architects from achieving a high level of privacy not only inside the building but also outside, by the open-air pool. The 2 storey modern house design with panoramic windows provides for close … Read more

Extraordinary Ideas for a Beautiful Double Storey Cube House

An expressive and strict modern cottage in a trendy graphite color is located on a picturesque slope surrounded by century-old sequoias. From the side of the panoramic glazing, the building, like a portal, bursts into the wild, into a peaceful, majestic landscape. And when viewed from the other side, the idea of ​​a beautiful double-storey … Read more

Two Storey Minimalist House Design With Wooden Shutters On The Facade

A luxurious two-story seafront villa elegantly rises above a rich green area. The strict two storey minimalist house design demonstrates the balance of intelligent solutions and traditional materials. We see the stone, natural wood, and glass on the facade. Modest, concise designs are distinguished by practicality, comfort, and safety. The emphasis here is on functionality. … Read more

Project of a Two Story Concrete House with a Courtyard

The project of a two-story concrete house with a courtyard provides for several separate residential volumes connected into a single object by passages and the adjacent territory. At the same time, the residential volumes turned out to be so private that some of them can be rented out. From above, it looks like a complex … Read more

Functional Facade of a Two-Story Wooden House

On the picturesque Brazilian coast in Sao Paulo, there is a cozy two-story house overlooking the ocean. A feature of the project was the transforming facade of a two-story wooden house, behind which floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows are hidden. The enclosing structure is represented by sliding shutters made of wooden lamellas, through which light partially passes … Read more

Flat Roof Double Storey Houses in Minimalist Style for a Modern Family

Over time, the development of technology changes the interests and needs of people. Architectural bureau WOHA by Antonio Maciá presented an ultra-fashionable monolithic two-story house with a flat roof in a minimalist style with elements of eco and high-tech. Let’s consider the main features of the house, due to which it looks like a revolutionary … Read more

Impressive Two Story Houses with Panoramic Windows

Malaysian two story house with panoramic windows, balancing between traditional and ultra-modern modernity. Spectacular two story house with panoramic windows in tropical modern style Two storey Art Nouveau cottage located on a low slope in the Malaysian village of Bentong. The modern house with panoramic windows is designed according to the principle of traditional Malaysian … Read more

3+ Beautiful Small Two Story House Designs

The idea of building a small two-story house is relevant with a limited budget and the absence of a large plot for the construction of the building. This is especially important for young families who dream of a country cottage, but family financial opportunities make adjustments to the size of the house and its design. … Read more

2 Storey Minimalist House Design / Panorama House

A modern, minimalist 2-story home by Jim Cameron, a haven from the bustling city, surrounded by a quiet, gated Filipino village. The owners wanted rational and fashionable housing on a tight budget, unlike the rest of the Mediterranean-style houses in the village. The architect proposed this small family cottage on 2 floors, with an area … Read more

Black and White Interior & Exterior Two-Story House Design / ARN 25 House

The play of colors and textures have become the main design tools in modern architecture and interior design. These techniques are used for zoning, accents, visual highlighting, space expansion. Architectural bureau [i] da arquitectos showed how original and impressive the black and white design of a two-story house looks from the outside and inside. This … Read more

T-Shaped Design of a Two-Storey House – Space Management Example

The architectural bureaus MATRIZ arquitectura and VIDA architecture presented the original T-shaped design of a two-story house in the city of Basa (Spain). The object is located in a densely populated area, but the architects managed to achieve a quiet, comfortable atmosphere and create a private space for each tenant. The T-shaped building is designed … Read more

What can be a Two-Story Frame House / Japanese Project

Features of a two-story frame house located on the sea coast near the Japanese city of Kobe are manifested in improved indicators of thermal insulation and natural ventilation. frame construction and innovative engineering solutions With a dense coastal zone, the construction of a residential building requires compliance with several requirements: the maximum use of the … Read more