8+ Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Design Ideas

The tendency to place private spaces away from the entrance of the house, on the second floor, has led to the fact that these rooms are often equipped in the attic. Modern, fashionable and practical design ideas for a bedroom with a sloped ceiling allow you to get the most out of a compact space of an unusual configuration.

sloped ceiling bedroom ideas

The sloping surfaces that hide the space are played up to create a special cozy atmosphere. As a result, the ceiling of not the most convenient configuration becomes an advantage and an accent element of the room.

Design idea for a bedroom with a sloped wood ceiling

sloped ceiling design

Natural wood adds privacy, home warmth and coziness to the space. In this regard, the decoration of the room for sleeping and resting with wooden boards or panels becomes especially relevant. They can be used not only on the ceiling, but also on floors and walls.

wall ceiling design for bedroom

The design of a bedroom with a sloped ceiling can be performed in a trendy eco-friendly style, country, loft, barnhouse. Together with comfort and coziness, a feeling of majesty, reliability and safety is created here.

master bedroom ceiling ideas

The beam structure looks particularly atmospheric. The massive ceiling becomes an accent and main element of the interior design.

Bedroom design with sloped ceiling windows

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The advantage of sloped ceilings is that you can make windows in them even just above the bed. The original solution is spectacular. Before going to bed, you can admire the starry sky, and in the morning the room is filled with light, not very bright sunlight.

roof ceiling design for bedroom

The windows in the ceiling can be made auxiliary or main. In the first case, as a rule, the room should be high enough with full-fledged walls for panoramic openings. And the second option is relevant for rooms with low ceilings.

Bedroom design with an asymmetric sloped ceiling

plus minus design for bedroom

Depending on the configuration of the room with a ceiling, you can be creative, make it non-standard. The original idea with asymmetric surfaces and a window between them is practical and beautiful. The room receives additional natural lighting, and the difference in height emphasizes the modern dynamics of the space, helps to zone it.

bedroom ceiling design simple

Thus, fashionable design ideas for a bedroom with a sloped ceiling allow not only to emphasize the comfort and romance of the environment, but also in some cases to achieve better ergonomics, functionality, and practicality of the room. The room creates a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation, regardless of the chosen style.