Unveiling the Beauty of Modern Mediterranean Houses: The Viglostasi Residence

In the heart of the Mediterranean, perched on the rocky slopes of Syros, Greece, lies a hidden gem – the Viglostasi Residence. This modern Mediterranean house, designed by the Athens-based architecture studio block722, is a testament to the timeless beauty and elegance of Aegean architecture. The residence, a private holiday home, is a perfect blend of traditional island settlement aesthetics and modern architectural design.

Photographs:Ana SantlGeorge Pappas

The Inspiration Behind the Design

The Viglostasi Residence is not just a house; it’s a reflection of the simple forms of the Greek island vernacular. The client’s brief was clear – a home that embodies the minimalist forms, natural materials, and neutral colors of traditional Greek architecture. Block722, known for their low-key, gentle architecture, was the perfect match for this project. The result is a house that not only fits seamlessly into the natural landscape but also offers a calming and generous space for the family to live, host, and entertain.

The Architectural Marvel

The Viglostasi Residence is a 500 sq m complex of low, orthogonal volumes, arranged around a network of pathways that connect both enclosed spaces and various terraces, gardens, and patios. The main house contains a principal suite and a second bedroom, as well as a flowing, open-plan living space. Two guest suites provide additional sleeping quarters, remaining connected to the primary residence through shared facilities and vistas. A central outdoor ‘plaza’ brings everything together, leading towards the 25m long infinity pool and lounge terrace, offering uninterrupted views towards the horizon.

The Interplay of Materials and Design

The design of the Viglostasi Residence is a masterful interplay of materials and design. The modest stone, wood, and plaster volumes are spaced out, making the complex appear at home within the arrant, Greek landscape. Light, nature-inspired color tones, terrazzo Palladino floors, traditional shutters and pergolas, a garden of native species, and a green roof, further accentuate this feeling. At the same time, a sense of gentle luxury prevails, achieved through the generosity of space, bespoke details, and the use of materials like Olympus marble, travertine stone, bamboo, and oak wood.

The Harmony of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The Viglostasi Residence is a celebration of the island’s slow, indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The architects have designed the house to ensure a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The main living area flows effortlessly into the outdoor ‘plaza’, which serves as the heart of the residence. This central space not only connects the various parts of the house but also leads to the stunning 25m long infinity pool and lounge terrace.

The outdoor spaces are as thoughtfully designed as the interiors. The various terraces, gardens, and patios are connected by a network of pathways, creating a sense of exploration and discovery. The lower end of the plot houses a home gym and yoga terrace, tucked away for privacy, allowing for peaceful exercising and meditation.

A View to Remember

One of the standout features of the Viglostasi Residence is its breathtaking views. The house is designed to manage the site’s steep incline, allowing for long, uninterrupted views from almost everywhere. Whether you are in the main living area, the principal suite, or the outdoor ‘plaza’, you are treated to a stunning panorama of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscape.

The infinity pool and lounge terrace offer the best vantage point. Here, you can soak in the beauty of the horizon, with the azure waters of the pool blending seamlessly with the blue of the sea. It’s a view that captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle – serene, beautiful, and endlessly captivating.

A Home That Feels Like a Village

The Viglostasi Residence is more than just a house; it’s a home that feels like a traditional Aegean village. The low, orthogonal volumes of the house, reminiscent of the minimalist constellations of small Aegean villages, are sprawled across the site, looking out towards the sea.

This layout not only helps the house blend into the natural landscape but also creates a variety of spaces for the family to enjoy. Each part of the house offers a different view, a different feel, and a different quality of space. From the principal suite’s luxury to the tranquility of the yoga terrace, the Viglostasi Residence offers a multitude of experiences, all within the comfort of home.


The Viglostasi Residence is a shining example of modern Mediterranean houses. It’s a house that respects and draws inspiration from the traditional Greek island vernacular while adding a contemporary touch. It’s a house that offers a variety of spaces to live, play, and relax. But most importantly, it’s a house that feels like home – a home that is as beautiful and captivating as the Mediterranean landscape it resides in.