Beautiful Small Modern Barnhouse Style House

A Barnhouse is not always hundreds of square meters of living space under a high gable roof. The architectural bureau ValArch Atelier presented a fairly compact beautiful small house with an area of 150 sq. m in the appropriate style in compliance with modern design trends. Located in the countryside, the cottage harmoniously blends into the nature and rustic atmosphere of the Czech village.

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The building repeats the shape of the barn structure, but at the same time, fresh architectural ideas and design techniques are visible in it. The house has large panoramic windows, and light, open spaces in a minimalist style with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. Natural materials were used for construction and interior design. In the cottage, there is a harmony of modern comfort and the traditional, cozy atmosphere of rural housing.

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Integrating a beautiful little Barnhouse into the natural environment

The plot with the house is surrounded by meadows, plantings, and rural buildings. It is quite difficult to introduce a modern house into this environment. To realize the idea as effectively and efficiently as possible, it was decided to give preference to the traditional style using natural materials.

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It was possible to achieve direct contact between the interior and the territory around the beautiful small house due to the openness of social zones, attached wooden terraces, and the use of natural materials in the facade cladding. The building merges into the landscape, complementing it with a special, colorful atmosphere. Due to the absence of a fence, the natural location of the house surrounded by nature is maintained.

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Along with modern solutions in the interior, we also see the features of classics and traditionalism. The rooms have wood-beamed ceilings and wooden floors. Wooden frames on the windows add color, warmth, and comfort to the housing.

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Simplicity and atmosphere of a beautiful small barn house style house

The house is furnished with an emphasis on simplicity and rural flavor. A lot of natural wood has been used in the decor. There are no expensive, premium materials here. Due to this approach, it was possible to create a special, atmospheric environment in a rural house.

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The first floor is reserved for living rooms, a living room with a kitchen, and a dining area. On the second level, there is a workshop and a children’s area with panoramic windows instead of the traditional pediment. The attic is decorated in a modern minimalist style. Light spaces seem spacious and open, the sloping roof does not visually press.

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A beautiful little house in the style of a barnhouse is a place for solitude, enjoying silence, coziness, comfort. The object is successfully integrated into the landscape with an untouched meadow and freely contacts with the environment, not being separated from it by a fence.

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