How to Plan and Build a Barn Style Shed House

Barn style shed houses, with their rustic charm and timeless appeal, have won hearts around the globe. These unique structures are a testament to simplicity and elegance, effortlessly blending into the natural landscape. Planning and building a barn style shed house involves a perfect fusion of aesthetic consideration and structural planning. This guide offers you … Read more

How to Fuse Modern Style with Traditional Living in a Barndominium

Bringing together the timeless charm of traditional living with the edgy appeal of modern style is an art in itself. When it comes to designing a barndominium, the fusion becomes even more intriguing. This article unravels the creative process of blending these two design elements in a way that creates a unique, warm, and inviting … Read more

6+ Architecturally Striking Contemporary Barn House Inspirations

Contemporary barn houses have taken the architectural world by storm, blending the timeless charm of traditional barn structures with modern design elements. These stunning homes offer spacious living spaces, clean lines, and a seamless connection to the natural surroundings. In this article, we’ll showcase 8 architecturally striking contemporary barn house inspirations that redefine country living … Read more

L-Shaped Barndominiums Unveiled – Design Ideas for Modern Country Living

Greetings, fellow home design enthusiasts and country living connoisseurs! Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey through the fascinating world of L-shaped barndominiums – a world where rural charm meets modern design, and where horses and hay bales make way for open-concept living spaces and sleek interior finishes. So, gather your pitchforks and paint swatches, … Read more

Narrow & Long One-Story House ~ Barn Style In Hampshire

A long one-story house in the English county of Hampshire has become a real embodiment of the dream of the customer farmer – the creation of a residential building, which would be a continuation of the general architectural ensemble of the previously built farm on this site. The barn-type structure naturally fit into the surrounding … Read more

3+ Features of the Ultra-modern White Barnhouse

A creative, trendy white Barnhouse from Yuanxiuwan Architect & Associates has become a contrasting object in Shanghai’s architecture. Unusual barn houses are mainly built in remote areas, where the environment is fully consistent with this direction of architecture. But the presented project of a Barnhouse in a white style was realized in the urban development. … Read more

6+ Unusual Ideas For A Large Barn Style Family Home

Architectural bureau ARCHISPEKTRAS has presented a rather extraordinary large family house in a barn style. The already bold and creative Barnhouse, combining biotech, minimalism, and loft, is filled with unusual architectural and design ideas. The longer you look at this house, the more unusual you will notice. Consider 6 elements that make it look unique … Read more

One-Storey Wooden Barn House from Germany: Timber House

What can more naturally and organically fit into the natural landscape than a one-story wooden house? Of course, an architectural ensemble of two such buildings! It was this statement that guided the creators of a country cottage on a high plateau in the Upper Palatinate, which is located in the central part of Bavaria, Germany. … Read more

Modern House In The Hangar

Eco-friendly buildings are no longer a novelty in the construction industry. Architects are trying to use a unique combination of economic activity and comfortable living conditions. Seeing the ranch designed by Richter Dal Roch & Associés, it is impossible to say unequivocally that this is a sheep breeding farm. The stylish exterior and interior decoration … Read more

Beautiful Small Modern Barnhouse Style House

A Barnhouse is not always hundreds of square meters of living space under a high gable roof. The architectural bureau ValArch Atelier presented a fairly compact beautiful small house with an area of 150 sq. m in the appropriate style in compliance with modern design trends. Located in the countryside, the cottage harmoniously blends into … Read more

Barn House Metal & Stone Project ~ 5 Modern Features

The modern Barnhouse is a project of a spacious house made of metal and stone, stylized as a farm building. At the same time, fashionable architectural and design ideas are implemented here – open ergonomic spaces, and panoramic glazing. Thus, architects need to strike a balance between elementary rural architecture, modernity, and functionality. To do … Read more

Ultralight Barnhouse Style House Front Glass Design

Enjoy the extraordinary weightlessness and openness of this house front glass design, which is decorated with modern influences. The villa demonstrates the desire of the owners to interact with everything that surrounds them. Glass constructions fit close to the roof, ensuring perfect contact between the housing and the landscape. The seemingly fragile glass villa looks … Read more

Rustic Tiny House Design In The Middle Of A Rural Landscape

Surrounded by meadows, agricultural buildings, and lands, there is a small house for living and recreation. The object was supposed to complement the existing experience in this area. Therefore, the architects chose the design of a beautiful tiny house in a rustic style, which they diluted and modernized with new, trendy solutions, including panoramic windows … Read more

Barnhouse in Modern House Project with Wooden Facade

In creating this wood-fronted barnhouse project, the architects sought to achieve simplicity in appearance, in keeping with traditional rural barn building techniques. The building resembles an agricultural building with elements of modern housing, including panoramic windows, spacious layouts. To make the building look like a barn as much as possible, high sliding doors resembling gates … Read more

Trendy Barn Style External Timber Cladding

Barnhouse is a combination of tradition and trend. And first of all, the tendency concerns the interpretation of construction materials of past centuries for modern trends in housing design – loft, minimalism, eco. The external timber cladding of a barn-style house is considered one of the main requirements for the considered direction of architecture. You … Read more

Barn Style One Story House without Attic / Avatar Home

A one-story, loft-style barn house surrounded by wilderness has become a refuge from the noisy, dirty city. There is only freedom, clean air, incredible views and an atmosphere of complete bliss. It was not in vain that the architectural bureau Devyni Architektai chose the barn style for the construction of the cottage, and applied a … Read more