Beautiful Window Design With Unusual Shape & Configuration

In addition to functionality and practicality, the window in the house should also be beautiful – it is this element of the building that helps to place accents, to emphasize this or that atmosphere. The modern beautiful design of the window represents the singularity of forms and configurations with austerity and laconic lines.

beautiful window design

There is no need to use decor here. It is enough to think over the design so that, if the configuration is unusual, it fulfills all the tasks assigned to it. For example, round and triangular windows provide additional lighting, and large panoramic glazing is the main source of daylight and a tool for visual characteristics. Let’s look at examples of how to combine the beauty of a window with its practicality.

Beautiful window design with a protruding frame

beautiful window grill design

The modern Art Nouveau house is decorated with unusual windows with wooden protruding frames. Due to this design, it was possible to make the openings as noticeable as possible, to highlight them on the facade of the building.

beautiful house window design

At the same time, such a beautiful window design also plays a functional role. Structures protruding along the perimeter localize window openings, making them closed when viewed from a certain angle. This is important in the context of privacy, given that the building itself has an irregular shape, so some of the windows are practically facing each other at the same angle.

Beautiful round window design

beautiful grill design for window

Round window openings add a romantic, slightly fabulous atmosphere to the house. A colorful, atypical atmosphere is created in the room. Externally, the openings look creative and original.

beautiful wooden window design

Round windows are mainly used for additional lighting and decoration of cottages, with an emphasis on the uniqueness of the facade. It is not entirely rational to use such constructions as the main windows. They have a small glazing area, there is no comfortable window sill. But in the context of design, this is one of the best solutions for those who are looking for unusual, creative ideas.

Beautiful protruding window design

The glazed structures protruding on the facade of the house have become the decoration of the building. They are considered the main, central element of the cottage architecture, and add dynamics to it. At the same time, such a solution looks as strict and concise as possible due to its implementation in a minimalistic style.

Beautiful protruding window design

At the same time, the design of the window looks no less impressive and unusual from the inside. The window opening seems to strive into the distance, stretching through the wall and protruding out of the building. The architects emphasized this feature by abandoning the traditional window sill and replacing it with a trapezoidal structure.

Beautiful protruding window design

Thus, when thinking over a beautiful window design in a modern home, it is important to consider what this will give in the context of functionality. Every unusual decision must be conditioned from a practical point of view.