5+ Most Unusual & Modern Style Windows

Windows in a modern style are decorated with an emphasis on brevity, functionality, and rationality. They should be the main elements of the interior and exterior, and it is on them that the appearance of the building, its atmosphere, mood, and showiness depend. Therefore, when creating new projects, architects often come up with unusual designs that provide an original, cool and atmospheric appearance to buildings.

modern window design

The most extraordinary windows differ from traditional options in shape, configuration, size, and location. Let’s consider several of these options.

Modern style windows as cells on the façade

modern window grill design

Sometimes, instead of one or a pair of large window openings, several smaller windows are installed in a certain sequence, emphasizing the non-standard, creative configuration of the cottage. Such windows provide a high level of privacy and turn the house into an object of art.

modern window design outside

If we add to this solution an extraordinary shape or configuration, as in the project in the photo, we get a truly creative solution. The house becomes like an art gallery or similar object.

modern house window design

Contemporary protruding, asymmetrical windows are scattered across the façade, emphasizing the creative design of the building. Here it is immediately noticeable that a non-standard idea was invested in the project, the configuration of the house was thought out to emphasize the futuristic direction. In this case, windows have become the main tool for implementing the idea.

Modern style windows of atypical shape

modern window design for home

But what if you install a triangular window, decorating it in a trendy minimalist style or high-tech direction? The result of such an idea can be seen in the photo. The building immediately takes on a unique, ultra-modern look.

modern steel window design

Moreover, this solution is not used to provide a view from the window, but if it is necessary to create additional insolation. This is a portal through which the space is qualitatively illuminated by the sun’s rays.

modern architecture windows

In general, non-standard-shaped windows often play the role of openings for additional lighting, visual lightening of space, and creating a unique exterior and interior. For the view characteristics, it is better to use classic rectangular, square structures, as we can see from the following projects.

View windows in a modern style

modern house front window design

The emphasis here is on size and rationality. The correct form provides high-quality species characteristics, convenience, comfort, and openness of space.

modern house window styles

Modern trends demand maximum lightness. Therefore, they often use solid glazing from the solid glass without partitions – it looks impressive, large-scale, and beautiful.

modern glass window design

At the same time, the very design of a window in a modern style implies laconicism – the frames are almost invisible. Often they are made in contrast, which makes it possible to highlight the window on the facade, to make the cottage visually lighter and more dynamic.