Glass railing and other products from Mercury Glass&Mirror

Mercury Glass&Mirror creates custom glass items and mirrors in Miami, South Florida. The company produces shopwindows, shower doors, railings, partitions and other products.

Installation and production is being handled by qualified employees to ensure that the job is done properly. The company offers a wide range of glass item and mirror production services for interior design. These high class items will make you house or office shine and will serve long and dutifully. Let’s take a closer look at what Mercury Glass&Mirror offers.

Glass railing

Glass railing will complete the stairs design in your house or office. Transparent products are a new popular design choice compared to regular cage-like railing. Glass railing is able to visually increase room space and add aesthetics to the interior. The house will look modern and flashy!

Glass railing seems light as air, visually expand room space and don’t make you feel pressed down on. They are created from multilayered glass called triplex. It is a durable, heat resistant and safe material. Tempered and bent glass can be used as well.

Here are some of the features of glass railing:

  • Glass contraption fit into a lot of styles of interior designs. Commonly they are used in modern and futuristic compositions;
  • Glass items possess a neutral look, so they are often supplemented with bright accents.

It is recommended to utilize glass in small rooms where they will appear less massive.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions can be installed in a room and used as an alternative to regular doors. This design choice is often applied to offices and apartments because it visually increases available space and showcases other rooms. Mercury Glass&Mirror will produce transparent or opaque partitions depending on client’s wishes.

Shower doors

Glass shower doors are a stylish centerpiece of a bathroom and accentuate the interior’s elegance. They are manufactured from durable glass and steel fastening. Doors can be of any size, depending on the client’s choice and bathroom space. Durable glass will be a great addition to the bathroom’s interior and protect it from splashes and stains during shower. The company’s specialists produce bathroom shower doors according to the client’s specifications and overall room design.

Smart glass

This innovative glass product can become transparent or opaque under the influence of current. Between two layers of transparent glass there is a liquid crystal film that reacts to low voltage. In its inert state its crystal structure is chaotic, which disperses light and glass stays opaque. But when the mode is switched, crystals arrange themselves and glass becomes see-through.

The process can take from several seconds to several minutes – that depends on the type of smart glass. This product is manufactured in multiple forms including a film that can be applied to an already produced item; premanufactured panes are available as well.

Smart glass can replace curtains or blinds and, unlike those, does not darken the room. It fits both domiciles and commercial premises. This product has already proven itself with a positive reception. Smart glass has a lot of advantages and features.

Custom-made glass

Mercuty Glass&Mirror produces a variety of glass items for homes and offices. If you would like to order a glass tabletop, shelves, closet doors or any other designer glass products, contact our managers.

High quality glass items will modernize the look of a commercial or domestic space!