Luxurious & Beautiful Round Wall Villa Design

The exquisite design of a villa with round walls from the architectural bureau KWK Promes is a complex of functional volumes with comfortable living spaces, atriums, recreation areas, and galleries, closely intertwined with each other. All these sectors form a single self-sufficient object, adapted for a cozy, luxurious holiday outside the city in close contact with nature.

luxurious villa design

A large area with a lake is distinguished by smooth lines and bends. They continue in the original architecture of the villa’s ground floor. Round walls blend elegantly with the landscape, emphasizing the harmony of the object and the surrounding landscape.

Play of Spaces in a Beautiful Villa Design with Round Walls

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The atrium is located in the center of the circular structure. Social areas are in close contact with this picturesque living area through panoramic glazing. Thanks to its round shape, all spaces adjacent to the atrium get the same high-quality contact with it.

modern luxury villa design

The garden itself is quite impressive both in size and showiness due to the presence of a real artificial reservoir in the center.

luxury villa interior design

In the interior, due to the curves, smoothness and elegance can be traced. The beautiful design of the villa with round walls assumes a smooth flow of functional areas and their close interaction with each other, even with an impressive volume.

luxury villa interior

At the same time, luxurious concrete spaces are intertwined with natural surroundings. With the luxury and technology of housing, there is no immersion in the industrial environment due to constant close contact with nature.

The practicality of Beautiful Round Wall Villa Design

modern luxury villa interior design

The object is striking with an area of 1500 sq. m. With such a squaring, rounded shape, volumes with curved lines do not seem to be cramped. The architects had the opportunity to play with flowing lines, creating spaces of surprising and practical shapes.

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At the same time, they turned out to be quite rational due to openness and zoning due to the interesting configuration of the building. The upper floor was made more strict and traditional, using rectilinear forms.

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The peculiarity of this beautiful design of the villa with round walls is that it was created on an artificially landscaped site. But at the same time, the owner first thought out the landscape in order to create an emphasis on wildlife here, and only then integrated the building under it.

ArchitectsKWK PROMES
ImagesJakub Certowicz