3 Unusual Cottage Exterior Ideas

Quirky and unusual shapes, extraordinary designs and bold design are often used in modern country houses. You can realize almost anything that you have enough imagination for. And for those who wish to broaden their horizons and borrow ideas for the exterior of the cottage from world architects, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the Andramatin bureau project.

cottage exterior ideas

House with an area of 390 sq. m received an extraordinary look, but at the same time it remains quite conservative and comfortable inside.

The idea of a sloping roof in the exterior of a cottage

The roof is considered a key element of the image of a country house. And the more extraordinary it is, the more extravagant the whole object looks. In the presented project, the traditional gable roof was replaced with an asymmetric broken structure, partially merging into the side walls of the building.

cottage exterior ideas

The massive sloping roof has become an accent architectural element of the house. She dictated the shape of the inner space. The room on the second floor received a sloping ceiling and sloping walls. All this is supported by an asymmetric reinforced concrete supporting structure.

The idea of a glass facade in the exterior of a cottage

The panoramic façade gives the impression that it is a glass structure as a whole, framed by a broken asymmetric roof. The windows were also made asymmetrical and different in size to match the shape of the house.

cottage exterior ideas

Massive frames and partitions in stained glass became part of the original idea for the exterior of the cottage. They create a honeycomb pattern, add personality to the building. These are not just glass panoramic windows, but a complex, well-thought-out design to the full “height” of the house.

Balcony on the whole wall as an original idea in the exterior of the cottage

There is a solid wall at the back of the building with the same finish as the roof. And from the side of the courtyard, along the length of the facade, a balcony extends, which acts as a common terrace for all rooms. It is hidden by a cornice floor, so you can relax here in any weather.

cottage exterior ideas

Each room opening onto a balcony has sliding glass panoramic doors. This creates an atmosphere of familiarity with the outdoor recreation area.

cottage exterior ideas

Such cottage exterior ideas turned a banal family house into an original and expressive object of architecture.

ImagesMario Wibowo