An Impressive Example of an Oval Shape House

The oval house, built by the Studio GAON architectural bureau, has become a symbol of femininity and the rebirth of all living things from the earth. That is why it was planned as a creation that grew up and connected to the local nature.

Oval House / Casa Gaia

The house has become a resting place overlooking the coast of the sea bay. And due to the oval wall on the side of the coastline, the viewing angle expands, allowing you to visually immerse yourself in what is happening outside the window.

Oval House / Casa Gaia

Rounded walls also create a special charm in living spaces.

Easy integration of oval house and surroundings

The curved façade wall facing the sea is finished with natural stone from Jeju Island where the villa is located. Due to its dark natural color, it blends harmoniously with the surroundings in the same colors.

Oval House / Casa Gaia

The wall on the other side is in monotone white. From here you can see the light gray roof of the building, creating a soft visual transition to the sea.

The femininity of the lines of the oval house

The cottage was built as a symbol of all living things and is named after the ancient Greek goddess Gaia, who was considered the goddess of the earth. It was she who created the living world. As a sign of this line of the oval house, as if mother’s arms hug and protect the interior space.

oval house interior

The building turned out to be changeable in the context of design and looks completely different from different angles.

Oval House / Casa Gaia

Looking from the road, it is playful and gentle, like a woman. But at the same time, the facade from the sea reflects strength and steadfastness, with a stone wall against the winds, sea breeze, and showers.

exterior oval house

The roof in the project of the oval house is made in the form of female lips. She symbolizes beauty and sophistication. The unique shape is visible only from the air and is directed towards the sky. And from the ground, it’s just a flat roof.

oval house roof

The architects seem to have conceived this beauty to be visible, but at the same time remain hidden and inaccessible to everyone in a row – not everyone will be able to see it.

ImagesYoungkwan Kim