Round Houses / 2 Modern Circular Homes Worth Seeing

The non-standard form of the building requires extraordinary and unusual solutions in the context of the planning and arrangement of the space. The architectural bureau Formative Architects presented the layout of the round house – one of the most creative options.


modern round house

Consider the techniques that made it possible to use the space as efficiently as possible and achieve the convenience of housing with round walls.

round house architecture – multifunctional courtyard surrounded by a house

round shape house

Thanks to the circular shape of the cottage, all living spaces are closely connected with the backyard literally arranged in their surroundings. At the same time, the courtyard turned out to be compact with a small pool and terraces. Due to the special shape of the building, the site is practically hidden from the outside, even without a fence.

circle shaped house – cozy social area

circular house designs

The cottage includes another separate house, also round in shape with a small space for relaxation inside. It is located in the same way as the main courtyard with a swimming pool. The peculiarity of the second courtyard is the presence of a circular terrace along the inner perimeter. This space is ideal for spending time with your family. In the middle there is a localized space for a picnic and games.

round modern house – spectacular rounded panorama

circular homes designs

The rounded shape of the walls made it possible to make unusual round glazing in the housing. The rounded panorama on the outside of the building adds to the specific characteristics of the circular house layout. The view from here is over 180 °. At the same time, in the courtyard, such a panorama concentrates the view on a small private adjoining territory.

houses with rounded corners – compact linear layout

round hut house

Despite the fact that the cottage is distinguished by a linear arrangement of spaces, due to the special layout of the round house, they do not seem to be stretched. Inside, between the different functional areas, partitions are installed that can be raised, uniting the rooms into a single space. This solution added dynamism and practicality to the housing. Residents can combine the kitchen with the living room, forming a studio, or divide into two independent rooms.

round home designs – special ceiling shape

round house architecture

The architects did not narrow the space by using suspended ceiling structures. The ceiling is designed in the shape of a unique gable circular roof. To emphasize the exclusivity of the form, the roundness was emphasized with beams. This technique helped to make the space more spacious, freer.

round roof house

The layout of a round house from the architectural bureau Formative Architects is a dynamic, unusual living space with original view glazing, a unique shape of the roof, walls and windows. The rooms, located in a circle, are closely connected with the inner courtyard with its compact size. Due to the fact that the adjacent recreation areas go inside the circle, they remain almost completely confidential without the use of additional privacy measures.

ArchitectsFormative Architects
PhotoYoungsung Koh


A round private house is not an innovative architectural solution of our time. Rounded rooms have been known since ancient times. A vivid confirmation of this is the Roman Pantheon, Eskimo yurts or African huts. Today, round houses inspire architects with their creativity, efficiency and functionality.

beautiful round houses
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round concrete house


Rational geometric configuration of the building allows for the best use of the usable area of the house. The streamlined external shape is also reflected in the internal contents of the dwelling: with a smaller building area, the volume of the living space of a round house exceeds by 10-15% the same indicators of classical rectangular dwellings.

circle shaped house
round concrete homes

Round buildings are distinguished by their safety and durability. Such houses are more resistant to heavy loads, strong gusts of wind and tremors. This cottage, built for a family with several children, is a small family fortress. Natural disasters and intrusions by intruders or thieves are not afraid of him.

small round homes
round modern house

Round houses are distinguished by excellent soundproof and acoustic properties. Ideal external shapes without corners allow sunlight to freely penetrate into all rooms, despite the small window openings. This structural detail is balanced by large glazed surfaces bordering the courtyard of the building ensemble.

houses with rounded corners
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

The unusual configuration of the building provides all rooms with excellent thermal insulation characteristics. In combination with the use of natural stone walls for erection, this will keep the house cool even on the hottest days and save heat in harsh climatic conditions. Therefore, the construction of round houses has proven itself in all climatic zones.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

Interesting fact! The equipment of the roof of round houses is much more economical in comparison with the classical forms of the roof: the waste of roofing materials for a round shape is 5% with a similar indicator of 15% for a conventional construction.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

Among the pristine nature, this stone “ark” of family well-being and comfort will not go unnoticed. The natural shades of building materials harmoniously fit the building into the natural landscape, and the originally designed entrance to the house stands out from the uniformity of the rounded walls.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing


A patio with a swimming pool and small garden looks bright pearl, protected from dullness and troubles of the outside world stone rounded shell. The maximally closed house from the outside is striking in its openness and accessibility when inside the courtyard.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

Glazing from the ceiling to the floor provides maximum sunlight coverage of all interior rooms. A light stone floor enhances the feeling of spaciousness and fullness of sunlight. The glare of light on the polished slabs and the water surface of the pool creates an atmosphere of joyful family comfort, and the peering sky blue among the green branches acts in a calming and calming way for all households.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

An extraordinary structural element of the building complex is a fireplace with a clear geometric shape. The functionalism and practicality of such a detail at the same time serves as a bright spot among the bright splendor. The use of finishing materials of the same color scheme for the courtyard and interior decoration of the rooms blurs the boundaries between spaces, and gives rise to a feeling of limitless freedom.

round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing
round houses / 2 modern circular homes worth seeing

All the internal rooms of the round private house provide comfortable, convenient living conditions with simultaneous safety from the invasion of offenders and natural disasters.

Architects Ana Lozano Portillo
Photo Diego Opazo