Modern Finish Wooden House in a Unique Design Skigard Hytte Cabin

The combination of the Scandinavian architectural past and new building trends was embodied in the modern decoration of a wooden house located in a mountainous area north of Lillehammer.

Architecture is capable of preserving and transmitting knowledge from previous generations to the present and provide effective communication with the surrounding landscape. Local building materials, traditional technologies, combined with new ideas, can create a unique and creative suburban home.

Modern Finish Wooden House

The external walls of the building are made of skigard, uncut logs, which Norwegian farmers have traditionally used as fencing. A grungy wooden facade oriented towards rural architecture fits perfectly into the surrounding woodland.

In winter, when the cracks in the skigard are filled with snow, the house acquires a new soft reading, and the snow cover provides heat-shielding properties. Thanks to this, heating costs are reduced in the house, and a cozy and warm atmosphere is created in the rooms.

Modern Finish Wooden House

The arrangement of the house on stilts, inherent in traditional Scandinavian construction, has several goals.

  • Firstly, it allows you to leave untouched the surrounding landscape and landscape, which you can admire from the windows located on the high supports of the house.
  • Secondly, in the winter months this will protect the house from snowdrifts, and during the spring flood – from flooding.
  • Thirdly, the roots of adjacent trees are not damaged during the construction of the foundation, which is inherent in modern environmental requirements during construction.
Modern Finish Wooden House

The grassy roof of the building echoes the traditional turf roofs used in rural log houses in Scandinavia. Such a constructive solution corresponds to the naturalness of the modern finish of a wooden house. Fuzzy outlines of the building’s top from grass swaying in the wind soften the rectilinear geometric shapes of the house.

Modern Finish Wooden House

A stable relationship between the exterior and interior of the house provides an abundance of wooden finishing materials. Unusual bumps in the external log siding are combined with an almost perfect internal space, where light and smooth massive pine panels create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Two glass floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer a magnificent panorama from the living room, kitchen and dining room, creating the feeling that you are among the lush greenery of the forest. Glazed surfaces on the south side provide the rooms with sunlight, and ceiling lights located on the top of the ceiling in the form of a truncated cone illuminate the rooms in the evening.

Modern Finish Wooden House

All indoor furniture is made by local craftsmen from three-layer pine sheets with cross-lamination. This gives the home interior a touch of local flavor and continues the general idea of a modern wooden house finish.

Modern Finish Wooden House
ArchitectsMork-Ulnes Architects
PhotoBruce Damonte Juan Benavides