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3 Unique Modern Mini Office Ideas

The tendency to transfer full-time employees to remote locations is the reason for the popularization of modern mini-offices away from the noise of the city and office centers. You want to work from home in a secluded, comfortable environment so that you are not distracted.

modern mini offices

To achieve this goal, architectural firms went beyond creating an office in a house or apartment and presented small separate structures equipped for work. Sometimes such solutions are particularly creative and practical.

Consider 3 options for private office spaces, made in the form of separate objects or extensions to the house.

Modern mini-office Lighthouse

A micro-building with sophisticated ergonomics from Knowhow Shop. Made in the form of an ultra-modern capsule and suitable for creative young people.

Modern mini-office of irregular shape

There is enough space for several workplaces. This is especially convenient for a couple who have gone far away together.

modern mini-office interior

Conceptual design, sloping shapes, clever window arrangement, and a sunroof provide natural light.

Fashionable mini office with a focus on primitiveness

In a design context, this is the opposite of the previous option. Such a workplace is suitable for those who are tired of high technologies around and want to feel as close as possible to primitiveness and nature.

Modern mini office chalet

A completely eco-friendly creative mini-office bears little resemblance to a modern facility, but it adheres to all architectural trends – natural materials, safety, panoramic windows, and integration with the environment.

transparent wall in a modern mini office

The thatched office will be a harmonious addition to the cottage in the trendy chalet or Barnhouse styles. Designed on piles and suitable for installation on a slope, so that from the window in front of the workplace, a panoramic view opens into the distance.

Modern micro office – creative pavilion

The small cedar structure in the garden provides a retreat in a cozy, quiet environment. Even though the exterior of the building is made in a dark color, the interior here is soft in a woody tone, there is a lot of daylight in it.

Modern mini office for privacy

There is a minimum of furniture inside, which provides freedom and ergonomics of space. The design is irregular. But all these sloped surfaces, walls, and ceilings are thought out for installing sloped glazing and optimizing the interior space.

It is a simple, economical, average between the two previous versions of a modern mini-office. Here the emphasis is on localization, and there is only enough space inside for one thing – suitable for those who like to work in private.