33+ Contemporary Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Openness of housing is a trend in modern architecture. The owners especially appreciate the contact with the surroundings, nature, fresh air, which freely penetrates into the building. Modern outdoor patio design ideas with recreation areas in close contact with the living space help to implement such solutions.

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The concept of combining the interior space with the adjoining territory into a single object has become popular. But at the same time, openness remains within the confines of a private site. Residents’ privacy is maintained inside and outside the house.

Outdoor patio space design ideas

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The modern design of the open space is an extension of the living space outside the house. The border between the living room and the front of the cottage disappears.

Fashionable, practical ideas for open space design imply the design of housing and recreation areas around the house in the same style and concept. At the same time, the space inside the house is separated from the outdoor area by panoramic glazing. But if you wish, you can remove it by combining the inside and outside.

To achieve this effect, the same tiles on the floor in the living room and on the adjoining recreation area, furniture from the same collection, and the extension of the ceiling from the inside of the house to the outside help. At the same time, natural materials are used, which makes it possible to bring the space closer to nature. A smooth transition is created from the living room to the terrace, and then to the living environment.

Outdoor terrace design ideas

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Modern design ideas for an open terrace involve extending the interior of the house from the outside of the building. It retains the same comfort as in the living room or kitchen with dining area, but you find yourself in the open air.

The terrace can be adjacent to one of the rooms, or it can run along the entire length of the house. In the second case, the decision is reflected in the functionality of the housing, since the access to the outdoor recreation area is from several spaces at once.


Depending on the goals and wishes, outdoor patio design ideas with a terrace involve zoning. As well as in the house, there are places for different types of rest. One part of the terrace is dedicated to the pool and has sun loungers. The second one is designed for parties, family dinners, dinners, and receiving guests. It is equipped with a dining table with chairs. A sofa and armchairs, other furniture will not hurt. And the third patio area no longer belongs to the terrace – it is a courtyard with a lawn for games and entertainment.

Outdoor Recreation Area Design Ideas

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An outdoor seating area is the ideal tool to link your home to your pool. Due to this solution, the pool, being at a distance from the building, forms a single, integral object with it.

In addition, outdoor seating area design ideas allow you to unleash the potential of the panoramic view. Here, the view is not obstructed by walls, pillars, structures. You enjoy endless expanses. At the same time, the zone is in contact with the house, so you can feel the coziness and comfort of your home. The outdoor recreation area can be arranged both on a special area, and simply on the grass, part of the patio. But it is important to properly equip it with furniture, elements for a comfortable time.

In order to create a well-designed and functional outdoor recreation area, it is extremely important to carefully calculate and select suitable deck materials. The choice of materials plays an important role in determining the durability, aesthetics and overall performance of the outdoor space. Another important aspect to consider when calculating deck materials is the size and layout of the outdoor recreation area. Carrying out accurate measurements and evaluating the required amount of materials ensures that you will not encounter any shortcomings or waste during the construction process. By carefully calculating and selecting suitable materials, you can provide a well-equipped and cozy outdoor recreation area. This not only increases the aesthetic appeal of your room, but also contributes to the overall comfort and enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Thus, modern outdoor patio design ideas are dynamism and close connection of premises with outdoor functional spaces. It seems that the adjacent seating areas penetrate into the interior of the house, and the access to the pool starts right from the sofa in your living room. At the same time, the connection is felt not only visually, but also functionally. Simply open the panoramic structure and combine the indoor social area with the outdoor patio.

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