Advantages of Modern Simple Shapes Houses

The reasons for the popularity of houses of simple shapes – stylish design, versatility, rationality and practicality – on the example of a project with a photo.

The architectural bureau Marcos Miguelez presented a mansion of 290 square meters in Leon (Spain). At first glance, this is an object with elementary architecture. It reflects how modern homes of simple shapes should look like. It combines all the main advantages of housing with the straightforwardness and conciseness of architecture.

Consider the three main advantages of the presented object:

Fashionable design and aesthetics of shapes

Lack of decor, conciseness and straightforwardness are trends in architecture and design. Projects of houses of simple shapes look stylish and modern. They are in harmony with fashionable techniques in landscape design, in which severity and straightforwardness also prevail.

Houses of Simple Shapes
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The interiors in such houses are often decorated in ultramodern, laconic styles – Scandinavian, minimalism, high-tech. In the presented housing project, elements of all the listed areas exclusively fit in.

Houses of Simple Shapes

rationality and comfort of houses of simple shapes

The simpler and more straightforward the form, the more rational you can use the space. In the conditions of modern housing construction, when every square meter is counted, this trend has gained particular popularity. The interior of the presented house is planned as useful as possible, each square meter has a functional purpose and is not wasted in vain. With a relatively small size, the space remains spacious, bright and open.

Houses of Simple Shapes

Houses of simple shapes make it possible to install large panoramic windows. Species characteristics have become one of the main criteria for comfort and luxury. To provide a beautiful, full-fledged view of the surrounding landscapes, large windows are installed in the houses. In social spaces, architects provided for floor glazing. There is also the opportunity to install corner windows – another trend in housing construction.

Houses of Simple Shapes

simplicity of construction and reliability of construction

The less intricate the shape of the house, the easier and faster it is to build, and, accordingly, cheaper. Due to this, such buildings have gained popularity among the masses. The design of houses of simple shapes shows that their restraint and conciseness did not affect the aesthetics and attractiveness – the buildings look neat, stylish and expensive. Massive, simple stone walls reliably protect the interior space and provide a pleasant microclimate in it.

Houses of Simple Shapes

Houses of simple shapes – this is a popular solution both in the mass and elite segment. The Marcos Miguelez bureau project shows that it is practical, stylish, comfortable, safe and rational. Such housing is suitable for young people, families with children, older residents. This is a universal option of real estate – the simplicity of architectural forms is relevant for a mansion of hundreds of square meters, and for a small residential building. The example shows the average family option.

ArchitectsMarcos Miguelez
PhotoAntonio Vázquez