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Simple Concrete House Design with Original Configuration

Considering the project of the architectural bureaus Guaresti and Altieri Arquitectura, initially we see a fairly simple design of an L-shaped concrete house. But the more we look closely, the richer and more complex it seems.

The initial elementality is covered by bold and very unusual solutions in the form of inclined supporting columns, openings, arches, overhanging floors, steps hanging in the air, panoramas.

Simple design of a detached concrete house

The building of a seemingly simple configuration seemed to hang in the air. The structure is mounted on supports along the entire perimeter. In this case, on the one hand, the height of the location above the site reaches a couple of meters, and on the other, it almost touches it.

This was done not only to suspend the object, giving it originality, but also to raise it, opening the panorama towards the sea. This approach also helped to preserve the unique relief of the site, to beat it.

Due to the rather high height of the house, the site under it remains exploitable. A rational approach made it possible to equip a local recreation area, a platform near the entrance group.

At the same time, the building plays the role of a canopy over this area. It is reliably hidden from the scorching midday sun and precipitation. Also, there was a place for a flower bed with shrubs that are unpretentious to sunlight.

L-shape as a key element of simple concrete home design

The cottage is made in the shape of the letter L, due to which the main desire of the client is achieved – a panoramic view of the sea opens from the windows of most living spaces. A separate entrance from the street has been made to the working studio, but an entrance from the house is also provided.

The elementary structure is complemented by rather complex concrete components – beams, railings, steps. Since all this is done in a straightforward and concise manner, the concept of simplicity prevails in the design. To make the building look bright and expressive, contrasts were added to the decoration – part of the facade is made in black.

There is also an integration of the simple design of a concrete house with the surroundings. The entrance is designed so that the transition from landscape to interior is smoothed as much as possible. The external structures of the building also partly continue inside, highlighting the uniqueness and originality of the interior. A striking example of this is the sloping columns under the main overhanging part of the cottage.

ArchitectsGuaresti/Altieri Arquitectura
ImagesMariano Imperial Fotografía