33+ Original Terrace Ceiling Design Ideas

Modern ideas for the design of the terrace ceiling pamper with variety. An infinite number of forms, configurations and design solutions allows you to design a place for outdoor recreation as convenient and unusual as possible in the context of appearance.

terrace ceiling design

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest and most creative solutions in the design of a ceiling for an outdoor recreation area.

Unusual Configuration Terrace Ceiling Design Ideas

ceiling design for terrace

The presented terrace closely interacts with nature and is built right around the trees. Designers originally approached the design of the ceiling and roof as a whole, providing holes in them through which the trunks pass. At the same time, the edges of the trees rise above these holes, protecting the open areas from precipitation and the sun. The idea of the terrace ceiling design looks creative and modern. During your holidays, you can feel close interaction with nature here.

terrace ceiling design ideas

The next option is a circular terrace, in the center of which there is a cozy courtyard. The ceiling here was made in an original, wave-like shape, thereby adding dynamism to the recreation areas on the street. In the place where the ceiling is lowered, a special color and comfort is felt, and where it is raised, the space is as open and sunny as possible.

Ultramodern Terrace Ceiling Design Ideas

kisame design terrace

Designers and architects are chasing the integration of living space with their surroundings. One of the striking examples of such a solution is the terrace, which is a continuation of the living room with panoramic windows. It also offers an original idea for the design of this recreation area. The ceiling of the terrace is a continuation of the structure in the living space. Thus, the effect of unity and unification of the local recreation area and living space is created.

Ultramodern Terrace Ceiling Design Ideas

The ceiling on the terrace does not have to be flat. In the presented version, it repeats the shape of a gable roof. This creates a special feeling of comfort, coziness and home atmosphere.

Ultramodern Terrace Ceiling Design Ideas

The next idea for the design of the terrace ceiling, on the contrary, is the most open, lightweight structure. Here the recreation area is intended solely for spending time in good weather, as the straw structure will leak when it rains. But on a sunny day, such a ceiling provides good protection from scorching rays, and at the same time there is constant air circulation. Looks trendy and exotic.

Outdoor Minimalist Terrace Ceiling Design

The comfort, functionality and showiness of a covered outdoor seating area to a large extent depend on the design of the terrace ceiling. The location of the luminaires, the shape, the configuration of the structure affect the atmosphere of this space. Although this is a covered seating area, it should allow for maximum interaction with the environment. For this, designers think over special design solutions.

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Consider a few examples of decorating the ceiling of an adjoining recreation area, which are distinguished by openness and practicality.

Eaves Terrace Compact Ceiling Design

simple terrace ceiling design

A laconic option for those who prefer maximum openness. The terrace is obtained almost entirely under the open sky and is only partially hidden under the ceiling. It is formed by the edge of the roof of the house. The design of the terrace ceiling is minimalistic and neat. He doesn’t press.

terrace false ceiling design

Moreover, such a ceiling covers the recreation area only partially. The canopy creates shade from the sun in a certain part of it – you can always relax in the sun or hide in the shade. But since the ceiling does not fully cover the site, it does not protect it from rain, so it will be possible to spend time here only in good weather.

Massive Canopy Terrace Ceiling Design

terrace pop design

In the next version, the cornice is massive enough to protect the terrace from precipitation. The practicality of this design is that it creates optimal conditions for outdoor recreation, and also qualitatively protects the windows of the house from direct sunlight – this has a positive effect on the microclimate of the home.

modern ceiling design for terrace

For even greater comfort, lamps are provided in the canopy. They illuminate the outdoor area near the pool. The terrace becomes comfortable for relaxation not only during the day, but also in the evening, at night. The wavy structure adds dynamics and enhances the impact of the building. The feeling of being in an open area is heightened.

Open-air Terrace Coffered Ceiling Design

terrace ceiling ideas

Although this terrace seemingly has a ceiling, it is actually in the open air. An option for those who choose openness and lots of fresh air. The coffered design is thought out not only for showiness and beauty, but also to increase the comfort of the recreation area.

false ceiling design for terrace

The design of the terrace ceiling is thought out so that during your rest you can enjoy your stay in the open air. But such a solution is quite useful for adjusting the microclimate – the sun’s rays do not completely flood this space, but pass here in a dosed manner.