4 Basic Rules for Organizing a Student’s Workplace at Home

The correct organization of the student’s workplace at home implies the integrated creation of an ergonomic space for lessons. The child should be able to safely and comfortably use the desk and other furniture.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

Location – light is the main element of the student’s working area

It is not for nothing that family owners of houses with an attic often allocate space under the roof for a children’s work area. Due to the location of the table under the tilted window, daylight is evenly distributed over the working area, simultaneously falling here from the side and from above.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

In a house without an attic, it is important to equip the child’s study place near a large window on the sunny side. The area should be light, visually spacious, and not constricting or crushing. Additionally, here you need to install lamps and a table lamp with daylight temperature.

Configuration – Convenient Storage Area

Organization of storage at the student’s workplace implies arranging an area for accessories, books, notebooks, office supplies, and other things. These lockers should be installed as securely as possible. It is better if the corners are hidden, and the furniture itself does not block or clutter up the space.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

It is important to encourage children’s independence and to teach them, child, to independence. Therefore, he must be able to take, get study supplies and personal belongings himself. To do this, make lockers, not for yourself, but for the student in the context of size and location. Make sure to add a water cooler with an RO water filter so your kid will stay properly hydrated during study sessions.

Decoration – minimize distractions

The working area for the student should be localized from external influences. So the child’s attention will not be distracted, and he will be able to concentrate on the lessons. It is good if you can see nature from the window and not the roadway or courtyard with a playground.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

When arranging this zone in a separate room, it should be separated from the play space, not to mention localization in a common room. To do this, use racks, screens, and zoning with other elements of the interior, and light.

Furniture – set an ergonomic table and chair

During the lesson, the child’s body should take the correct, comfortable position. Feet should be on the floor or a special stand, posture should remain level, and elbows should fit comfortably on the tabletop.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

As the child grows, the height of the furniture should also change. For primary classes, a table of 60-65 cm is suitable, for middle classes – 65-75 cm, and older ones – 75-80 cm. You can opt for “growing” furniture – with adjustable position and height.

Student Workplace Organization At Home

Compliance with these rules for organizing a schoolchild’s workplace at home will affect the academic performance, health of the child and the desire to learn. Customizing the space for the student will motivate them to study.