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Cool Little Mobile Home from Australia

A mobile home is not always a constrained space with small windows and cramped functional areas. To prove this, the architectural bureau CABN showed an original caravan with an area of 15 square meters.

small caravan: photo outdoors

In it, you can breathe freely to your full chest and be imbued with the environment, and not suffocate from a lack of light instead of a landscape look at the upholstery of the walls.

How about a caravan with panoramic views?

Large view windows are more commonly observed in mansions and cottages. But Australian architectural engineers were able to install them in a caravan. A comfortable, spacious seating area for a couple is surrounded by glass.

sleeper in a small caravan from Australia

The bed adjoins the window sills, from which a panorama of 270 degrees opens. Having left such a house on wheels to nature, you can live in an incredibly romantic setting, wake up with a view of the sunrise, and fall asleep, admiring the sunset or even the starry night sky – it is perfectly visible from here.

interior fittings in a small caravan

You will get the maximum light not only thanks to the wide-format glazing but also the impressive height of the windows in human height. The design of the trailer was deliberately enlarged to get rid of the cramped space and flood the room with sunlight, to zone the space not only horizontally, but also vertically.

The connection of the caravan with nature

Unlike traditional, familiar mobile homes, here you do not find yourself in a capsule, but find yourself in a local, small world filled with romance, fresh air, and views.

appearance of a small caravan

This is no longer a mobile shackled box in which you can eat and sleep, but a real species mini-house with a comfortable layout and visual connection with the outside world.

small caravan from Australia

CABN is showcasing revolutionary solutions in the context of mini mobile housing. An example of this is this small caravan from Australia, from which you, being in comfort, immerse yourself in what is happening outside the windows.