8+ Trendy & Simple Ceiling Design Ideas

To implement an original and functional ceiling, it is not necessary to use intricate ideas, spend a lot on the structure. Often the most basic solutions are the best options, and the budget for them will be minimal. At the same time, such simple ceiling ideas allow you to create a special atmosphere in the house, zone the space, and provide functional lighting.

simple ceiling design for kitchen

How to achieve the desired effect without complicating the design and without cluttering the interior, we will consider a few examples.

Simple Wood Ceiling Ideas With Built-in Lights

simple bedroom ceiling designs

The wooden surface looks fashionable, environmentally friendly and attractive. The tree creates an atmosphere of peace, comfort and tranquility in the room. At the same time, the design does not require large costs, complex installation work. You can use lamellas, panels or laminate by mounting the material on a prepared frame.

simple kitchen ceiling design

The pendant structure makes it easy and simple to make wiring underneath for spotlights and zoned lighting. Modern spots on a wooden surface look cool and unusual, adding a twist to the interior. Such a simple ceiling idea looks like an ultra-stylish design solution.

easy simple ceiling design

You can use a wooden ceiling with built-in lamps both in minimalistic, eco-friendly modern interiors, and in a stylish loft, barnhouse. It looks fashionable and expensive, but does not require large financial costs.

Simple Minimalist Ceiling Ideas

simple ceiling designs for living room

A minimalist ceiling is a simple and fashionable solution. A light surface similar to a traditional design visually lightens and brightens the space. At the same time, it looks neat and sophisticated.

simple room ceiling design

And in order to turn this into an original design solution, unusual lamps and built-in light lines are added here. You can also make a floating minimalist ceiling. For this, a plinth is not installed around the perimeter, but a gap is specially left in which you can lay LED backlighting.

simple ceiling design for room

An elementary construction turns into a cool design solution. Moreover, the illumination along the perimeter also acts as an additional source of light. The space visually increases, it seems light, open and high.

simple ceiling design for small bedroom

The simplest ceiling ideas don’t mean you end up with a boring and mediocre space. A little imagination and a non-standard approach to the implementation of even familiar solutions will help create an almost exclusive interior.