15+ Trendy Brick House Exterior Color Ideas

A variety of ideas for painting the brick walls of a country house allows you to turn even a banal building from a traditional material into an original object. With the help of color and an exterior painter, it is possible to emphasize classical architecture or to emphasize the uniqueness of a modern cottage in a trend direction.

painted brick house ideas

Consider the popular, beautiful and most original color combinations in the exterior of a brick house.

Classic exterior brick wall painting ideas

exterior brick paint color ideas

One of the traditional options for painting a brick house is considered to be a dark bottom, a light top. In this case, the roof matches the tone of the lower floor or is darker than it. The foundation is made in a similar color. In this case, you can use contrasting colors, dark brown, beige. The colors are equally well suited for a cottage surrounded by woods, on flat terrain and among urban buildings.

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The next truly classic, luxurious and sophisticated is the white brick house. It looks light and sophisticated. The light tone visually enlarges the cottage. White walls are combined with a pastel, gray, not very dark roof and foundation. Light stucco molding looks spectacular here, adding luxury and elegance to the facade.

exterior house color ideas with brick

A light palette based on white with a small amount of cold tones is suitable for a home on the seashore, near a pond. And surrounded by greenery, it is better to add brown shades here.

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The neat gray brick facade is distinguished by aristocracy and presentability. It is combined with a gray roof and plinth, made several shades darker. The object is completed by a neat white stucco molding that frames and accentuates the windows, doors and arches. White columns, cornices, rosettes are suitable here.

exterior brick paint ideas

Another traditional color scheme for a brick house is a red facade with white, milky decor and a dark roof. This color is a sign of stability and conservatism. This is a natural type of brick, symbolizing reliability, home comfort and warmth. The palette looks harmoniously in an urban setting and is combined with lush greenery.

Modern brick house exterior paint ideas

painted brick home ideas

A creative and fashionable option is the idea of painting an antique brick house. The solution is suitable for a loft, barnhouse. In this case, the surface is stylized as an unfinished construction or an aged object. For the facade, gray, brown is suitable.

best colors to paint brick house

Combination of beige and brown. These are fashionable, calm tones, symbolizing home coziness and comfort. Shades can be used in equal amounts. There is also the option of using a light tone in the base, and a dark one for coloring accent structures and elements.

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Also, in modern ideas for painting brick walls, it is important to use achromatic tones – white, gray, black. It is stylish, concise. It is customary to take light, neutral shades as a basis and make accents using darker tones. The roof and the lower part of the facade are made in the same colors.

brick paint color ideas

A brick house with a dark or even black facade looks fashionable, stylish and expensive. But this solution is not for everyone, as it is quite expressive. This idea of painting brick walls requires a lot of glass, natural materials, light accent designs. Only in this case the black house will not look gloomy and gloomy.

Unusual brick home paint ideas

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One of the extraordinary color ideas for the exterior of a brick house is the use of multi-colored masonry. The brick should be in the same palette, but with different saturation and tone. You can take a gray, brown, orange, red shade as a basis. But don’t mix them all together. The combination of light bricks mixed with contrasting ones looks spectacular.

brick home color ideas

The façade is brown with white seams. It is noble, expensive and fashionable. In this case, the owner focuses on the fact that the house is built of bricks. The cladding must be of the highest quality. Such housing looks solid, comfortable and safe. Most often brick is used here in dark brown, chocolate color, wenge tone. It looks more expressive.

Most extravagant exterior paint ideas for brick homes

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Striving for the uniqueness and extraordinaryness of the facade of a country house, it can be turned into a unique object using the most atypical tones for brick buildings. The idea of painting a brick house purple looks very creative and unpredictable. The house is successfully played in the environment of nature, it stands out brightly against the background of greenery. But so that it is not gloomy, you need to add light accent elements. The purple tone looks harmoniously with both snow-white and black, dark brown shades.

brick house trim paint ideas

The next unusual option is a dark brown brick house. Looks exquisite and expensive. Against such a background, refined white stucco molding looks impressive and expensive. A feeling of comfort, coziness, prosperity, high status of the owner is created.

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The correct choice of color ideas for the exterior of a brick house will help to emphasize its belonging to a certain style, integrate the building into the environment or emphasize it. Colors atypical for a brick will add originality and unusualness to the house. Delicate, pastel, soft colors will add warmth, comfort, and strict, dark, contrasting shades will emphasize solidity and modernity.