33+ Spectacular Exterior Brick Wall Design Ideas

The neat, beautiful brickwork itself looks stylish and impressive. The design symbolizes tradition, reliability, good quality, and home comfort. But through the use of original ideas for the design of external brick walls, the owners add aesthetics, self-sufficiency, and a complete appearance to them.

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Depending on the techniques and methods of wall decoration, the house can be turned into an exquisite palace, an ultra-modern cottage, or a classic family residence.

Exterior Brick Wall Design Ideas Using Stucco

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This is a traditional way to decorate a building, soften the urban, austere look of brickwork and make a home look beautiful. Such decor relieves the object from the effect of an unfinished building.

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Until windows, doors, and structures are framed and decorated with stucco, they may seem unfinished. Even the most modest frame without patterns and complex decorative elements will make you look at a brick building from a different angle.

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Now it is not just a brick building, but a comfortable, cozy house with its mood and atmosphere, and style.

Decorative plaster in exterior brick wall design

brick wall exterior design

This does not mean that the walls must be completely plastered. In the context of design, we mean the partial covering of the walls with plaster and the framing of these areas with stucco. This option is suitable for owners who want to add even more warmth, comfort, and softness to the home.

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Plastered surfaces make it possible to functionally separate building structures, for example, to separate the first and second floors. Compared to solid brickwork, this solution adds presentability and aesthetics to the building. With such an idea for the design of external brick walls, even a relatively simple object outwardly turns into a beautiful, solid mansion.

Accents in the exterior brick wall design

In some cases, the very design of the brick wall becomes the main element of the design of the building. This requires the use of good clinker material and impeccable masonry quality.

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Accent joints between bricks emphasize the traditional architectural style and the beauty of technology stylishly and expensively. The brick itself can be used both in one color, and several options can be combined to accentuate zones and structures.

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One of the most original ideas in exterior brick wall design is to use contrast as the main decorative tool. The rest of the decor will be auxiliary.

Refined exterior brick wall decor

By itself, brickwork looks quite rough, massive, and traditional. A sophisticated outdoor decor for a brick wall will help soften such a structure and add coziness, and warmth to it, transforming a strict facade into an exquisite architectural creation. Smooth, light lines, patterns, and familiarity with natural motives dilute the urbanized tone of brickwork.

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In addition, contrasting patterns and surfaces on a red, orange, dark, or bright brick wall are also an accent. The façade becomes more dynamic, its elements are more expressive, and the view as a whole acquires harmony and self-sufficiency.

Exterior decor for a brick wall using stucco

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The first tool to soften the roughness of a brick wall is stucco. The elegance of patterns, lightness, and beauty of this decor creates the feeling of a comfortable, cozy family home.

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Brick structures become expressive and elegant. We begin to consider them not only from a practical point of view but also in the context of beauty.

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The rich, rich stucco molding symbolizes prosperity, and the high status of the family living here. Therefore, this design is partially considered a reflection of the position of the owner of the house in society.

Exterior decor for a brick wall using forging

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The next tool for decorating a brick facade is metal forged structures. Curved lines, curls, and floristry soften the rough look of the building.

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But at the same time, due to the strength, reliability, and roughness of the metal itself, it is harmoniously combined with brick. Use this decor on fences balconies, and terraces. Forging is a presentable and effective addition to a classic-style facade.

Stone cladding in the exterior decor of a brick wall

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To add a note of aristocracy and environmental friendliness to the design of the cottage, a natural stone finish is used next to the brickwork. The stone decoration looks solid, enhances the aesthetics of the building, and emphasizes its traditional character, which is especially true for classical objects.

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Decor using stone tiles can be used not only on the plinth or in the lower part of the facade, but also, for example, to decorate a certain structure, an arch with it, and highlight windows.

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Striking outdoor brick wall decor with stone look is a trend of the next generation. The solution introduces the house to the natural environment, emphasizes naturalness, safety and reliability.

What Can Be A Modern Brick Wall Design?

Although brick is a primordially traditional building material, architects have learned to use it in innovative architecture so that it matches trends and trends. The modern brick wall design implies an emphasis on the building material itself. They do not hide it under the decoration but try to beat, and fit into the landscape and interior.

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At the same time, the architectural bureau BLAF Architecten demonstrated the unique shape of the brick walls without corners. Let’s consider the main features of the object that made it a unique place to live.

Curved modern brick wall design

The curved shape of the walls is primarily proposed from a practical and functional point of view. Due to this configuration, the strength of the external enclosing structures is sufficient not to use additional load-bearing elements inside the building. The space has received a free layout, although this is mainly typical for monolithic objects.

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In addition, the architects planned to pour the house into the existing landscape, minimally interfering with it – also a trend in new generation architecture. Thanks to the curved modern design of the brick walls, the cottage was adapted to the site without removing the trees here. The house turned out to be surrounded by wildlife, although it is located near a busy motorway.

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Smooth lines integrate well with the local nature, and the building does not stand out from the general picture. It resembles a century-old fortress emphasizing modern architectural trends – large windows, laconicism, functionality.

Outdoor modern brick wall design

Brick became the basis for interior and exterior decoration of the house. Exterior and interior match in appearance, creating a harmonious single picture. Inside, it is a strict loft with all the characteristic features – high ceilings, simplicity of construction, rough finish, and functionality. At the same time, housing merges with the natural environment through form and configuration.

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Natural wood helped to emphasize its environmental friendliness. Window frames, beams, and furniture are made of it. Many large windows create a visual connection with the surroundings and provide enough light for a comfortable stay.

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The striking and functional modern brick wall design has become the main feature of the cottage. At the same time, the house is distinguished by increased comfort due to good sound insulation, lightness and openness of the space.

ArchitectsBLAF Architecten
ImagesStijn Bollaert 

Original Brick Home Exterior Ideas

A priori, we are accustomed to seeing brick in traditional, classical construction. This is one of the most common and commonplace materials. It is quite difficult to present it in architecture originally and unusually. But the creators of the presented project succeeded. In the cottage, you can draw on the ideas of a modern house with a brick exterior, with the help of which outstanding, simple building material is transformed into a tool for creativity and creative design.

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Everything in this project of a country house is unique: shape, design, configuration. Let’s consider these features in more detail.

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Unusual Masonry House With Brick Exterior

The first thing that catches your eye at the sight of this house is the unusual, expressive masonry. It looks like a grid is laid out of bricks. Protruding above the surface of the wall, the bricks form an expressive, accent exterior.

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The house is no longer boring. Architecture received an element of individualization. It’s stylish, creative, and interesting. Although the solution cannot be called economical, since this type of masonry is not the most rational, it is worth it in the context of design and showiness.

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This idea for a modern house with a brick exterior helped to emphasize the house and set it apart from the mass of brick buildings. In addition, this type of masonry increases the sound insulation of the premises from noise from outside.

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The severity of the brick exterior

The next technique, due to which the house looks fashionable and spectacular, was straightforwardness. The object is characterized by cubic structures, smooth lines and shapes, and a lack of decor. Minimalism and simple geometry are complemented by accent dark elements – the front door, and awnings. This adds dynamics and coolness to the design.

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In the example of this house, we see that even brick housing can be in trend, not yielding to fashionable concrete or stylish, eco-friendly wooden structures. The considered traditional material is versatile and suitable even for cutting-edge real estate.

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Brick exterior to integrate with the landscape

The brick exterior blends harmoniously into the landscape, while its walls act as a dramatic, robust backdrop to the small patio. Here, brickwork is adjacent to the lawn, next to which there is a terrace and a light part of the building with panoramic windows.

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In this case, the brick becomes a design element, it was emphasized and even attached to the design of the landscape. It symbolizes strength, reliability, and safety.

brick home exterior ideas

These bold and creative brick exterior house ideas show how effective, versatile, and fashionable solutions can be with the most common, traditional building materials. Classic red brick remains in trend.

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ArchitectsPablo Dellatorre Studio Brava
ImagesGonzalo Viramonte

Magnificent Example of Modern Exterior Brickwork

brickwork facade cladding

The outer part of the house is a cover, a business card, with which the opinion about the whole structure, design, architectural idea, and tastes of the owners begins. The harmonious integration of colorful shades makes it possible to distinguish the building among private houses along the street. A popular classic finish is brickwork of the exterior, which combines rigor, sophistication, and practicality. The front side can be faced in different styles, which allows you to find the perfect option for each project.

Operational features of masonry

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The presented brickwork exterior is located in the UK and fully complies with the traditions of decorating the exterior of the house. Brick is a classic version of the cladding, as it differs in important characteristics:

  • Presentable appearance;
  • The durability of a covering;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Resistance to moisture, high and low-temperature indicators, aggressive environmental conditions, mechanical stress;
  • The ability of the material to “breathe”, providing the removal of moisture and steam;
  • Environmentally friendly material.
building exterior brickwork

The brick finish is stable, and durable in operation, while it looks stylish, with canonical traditions. In the example of this project, you can see how attractively it is possible to perform wall cladding using ordinary clinker bricks. For the decoration, several color options were chosen to contrast, and the walls did not look boring, or plain.

Aesthetics of a brick exterior

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The conceptual cladding of the exterior of the house for masonry evens out the forms, giving the building a certain volume. With the help of several combinations of line building, each block looks unique and has its geometry and borders. The texture changes from saturated dark color to a smooth light texture. The sculptural design visually increases the height of the building due to the parallel brick of different colors.

Unlimited wall decoration

Exterior decorative brickwork

Continuity of coverage occurs over the entire area of the house in 388 sq.m. This creates the serenity of the exterior in a single design. Facing is made at the entrance, garage, back yard, and partitions. The white texture of the second floor creates balance and emphasizes the contrast of the brick. Patterned masonry in coffee and deep shades create diamond-shaped silhouettes, subtly turning into smooth lines on the wall.

Advice! In the design of the exterior design of a private house or cottage, you need to use different colors of the cladding. The most popular are beige, white, red, brown. For refinement and greater effect, a dark decorative seam should be made.

brickwork exterior design

Individual brickwork of the exterior is made for each part of the house. Above the wide window, the front door, rich brown color is selected, which prevails in the general gamut.

brickwork facade
brickwork of facades of houses

The architectural ensemble of cladding on the external walls stands out perfectly against the background of landscape design and interior space. High technical properties and decorative design properties are embodied by architects in the right form of clinker brick.

brickwork options or how to decorate the exterior

The decoration of walls, corners, and windows is carefully thought out and professionally executed by a master. The brickwork of the exterior of the house makes it durable, attractive, and original among other buildings.

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masonry facade cladding
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imitation of masonry on the facade of the house
repair of seams of a brickwork of a facade
facade brick imitation
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Architects Stanton Williams
Photo Jack HobhouseJohan Dehlin