White Modern House Interior – How could it be?

Light Mediterranean home furnishing styles have been trending in space design over the past few years. One of the main features of this trend is the white modern house interior in minimalism.

white modern house interior

Consider what the owners of this cottage on the Mediterranean coast got by making it in a snow-white tone, and adhering to the trendy direction of home improvement.

How white modern house interiors affect the perception of the panorama

A bright, open space does not overpower accents. And the blue sea and blue sky, hills with exotic greenery against the background of the snow-white decoration of the villa look even more contrasting, expressive and spectacular. The blue pool helps to integrate the modern white interior of the house a bit into the environment, creating a smooth transition between bright colors outside and whiteness inside the building.

white modern house interior

To further enhance the spectacular view, social spaces with panoramic windows, contrary to generally accepted standards, are located on the upper level. The second floor faces the sea and offers the most impressive panorama from here.

white modern house interior

Slightly more modest views on the first floor. There are bedrooms here. This part of the house faces the sea with its end. Due to this configuration, a more secluded, intimate setting has been created in the bedrooms, which is not displayed towards the coast.

The austerity and conciseness of a white modern house interior

The white tone in the interior is considered neutral. It does not negatively affect the emotions and psyche of a person. To get rid of its sterility, it is enough to play quite a bit with textures, add a minimum of contrasts, think over the lighting. You can at least simply install expressive frames on the windows, as they did in the presented project.

white modern house interior

The white interior does not need to be diluted with anything, supplemented in order to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Such housing in the strictest and most laconic design with straight structures without decor looks fashionable, expensive and stylish. And the emphasis here is on practicality, functionality and comfort.

white modern house interior

Stylish modern white interior of the house is a fashionable and comfortable space for relaxation and enjoying life. Therefore, it is not for nothing that such an environment has become the most popular in the arrangement of luxury villas on the Mediterranean coasts.

ArchitectsFran Silvestre Arquitectos
ImagesDiego Opazo