Inspiring White Colour House Designs for a Modern Home Look

White is no longer just an empty canvas, it can lend your home a classic and timeless feel while simultaneously being a modern aesthetic. The power of white lies in its ability to completely transform your home according to the owner’s taste and current trends. Whether you are looking for subtle designs or minimalistic hues, … Read more

A Stylish Black and White House Design That Will Make You Want to Move in!

The house is a modern and stylish design that is both elegant and minimalistic. The house has a lot of natural light due to the large windows that are found on the front of the building. The large windows also provide a great view of the garden which is located in front of it. The … Read more

A Complete Guide to Modern White Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

We offer modern white interior design, with a focus on optimizing the space. We take the time to understand your lifestyle and preferences, then incorporate that insight into our design for your home or office. What is Modern White Interior Design? Modern white interior design is a style that is characterized by its use of … Read more

Impressive Single Floor House Design @ White minimalism on the slope

Taller Aragonés architects have created and executed a stunning single-floor house design in pure whites and crisp lines in the hills of Los Angeles. White as the main color of the house serves as a blank canvas for the artist against the backdrop of a riot of colors of the surrounding nature. Through clever planning … Read more

3+ Features of the Ultra-modern White Barnhouse

A creative, trendy white Barnhouse from Yuanxiuwan Architect & Associates has become a contrasting object in Shanghai’s architecture. Unusual barn houses are mainly built in remote areas, where the environment is fully consistent with this direction of architecture. But the presented project of a Barnhouse in a white style was realized in the urban development. … Read more

Why Minimalism & White In Home Interior Made It Exclusive

The architectural bureau has unveiled an ultra-modern home in Fukuoka, Japan. The object is a cottage of several separate buildings on supports. The peculiarity of this housing is a unique minimalist atmosphere. Consider why the minimalism and white color in the interior of the house on the side of the mountain became elements of the … Read more

Trendy Black & White House Exterior Design

The stylish black and white exterior design of the home is a trendy solution in line with the trend of emphasizing contrasts. The idea is suitable for cottages in ultra-modern hi-tech and minimalist styles. There is practically no decor here, and color, shape, and texture remain the priority design tools. The project of a fashionable … Read more

White Farmhouse Interiors after Restoration

Decorating an interior in white is a way to bring a modern, trendy look to a home with an outdated configuration. Basically, the rooms in old houses are not the most spacious, and due to the small size of the window openings, they are also not sufficiently illuminated by daylight. White color in the interior … Read more

Minimalistic Small Luxury Homes Interior

Achromatic interior design has become a trend. Neutral tones create a serene, stylish environment that has minimal psychological impact on the individual. Place bright accents – and you get a lively, rich interior. Add contrast – dynamics will appear. Create everything in monochrome for a striking, bright, modern space. The latter case vividly demonstrates the … Read more

Luxurious Minimalistic House in White Style

Architectural bureau Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos strictly followed modern trends and went against the laws of physics, creating an incredibly cool and luxurious home in a minimalist style with chic seating areas directly in the building. The construction in neutral white color effectively blended with the bright colors of nature and looks harmoniously against the blue … Read more

8+ Trendy White Ceiling Designs in Modern Interior

The traditional solution to use an achromatic white tone in the design of the ceiling does not lose its relevance. This is due to the fact that due to it, the space is light, visually light, spacious. And with the popularization of fashionable styles in neutral colors, the white ceiling design is becoming one of … Read more

Modern Black And White House Exterior Ideas

Contrasts have become a trend in the design of not only interiors, but also the facades of fashionable cottages. Stylish black and white home exterior ideas are the solution to create a spectacular, futuristic building look. Achromatic tones are pleasing to the eye. Complementing each other, they do not cause negative emotions, do not irritate, … Read more

White Modern House Interior – How could it be?

Light Mediterranean home furnishing styles have been trending in space design over the past few years. One of the main features of this trend is the white modern house interior in minimalism. Consider what the owners of this cottage on the Mediterranean coast got by making it in a snow-white tone, and adhering to the … Read more

How to decorate a room with white walls? White walls and wood

Natural materials and a lot of white are the leading trend in modern interior design. On a clean surface, you can experiment with decor, focus on furniture, use volumetric shapes and non-standard openings in the walls. If you want to see how white walls and wood look in real embodiment, then we recommend an aesthetic … Read more

Beige Stone Finish Combined With White Interior

Organization of external and internal space is a whole flight of various styles, design ideas. A mix of competently selected design solutions for the modern facade of the house allows you to create an original, unique appearance, as well as design the interior in trendy colors. Despite the variety of directions, facing the outer part … Read more

Black and White Interior & Exterior Two-Story House Design / ARN 25 House

The play of colors and textures have become the main design tools in modern architecture and interior design. These techniques are used for zoning, accents, visual highlighting, space expansion. Architectural bureau [i] da arquitectos showed how original and impressive the black and white design of a two-story house looks from the outside and inside. This … Read more

Beautiful White Brick House – 230 m² Comfort in Scandinavian Style

A beautiful house of white brick with an area of 230 square meters for a family with modern needs is a project of the architectural studio Poly Studio. Photo and description. Architectural bureau Poly Studio presented a beautiful modern white brick house in the center of Melbourne (Australia). Housing is designed for families with growing … Read more