Modern Atrium House / 2+ Fresh Ideas for a Roman Home Concept

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Ever since the days of ancient Rome, apartment buildings with an atrium were popular. Translated from Latin, this word means a spacious room with high ceilings. In ancient Roman buildings they were used mainly for recreation and entertainment and were located in the center of the house or near the main entrance. Depending on the wealth and status of the owner of the house, the atrium had winter gardens, fountains, guest and dining areas.

Home atrium / design features of the atrium house

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Modern architects often resort to such a constructive element as the atrium to give their creation unique and stylish features. If we consider the architectural styles that are most suitable for the use of the atrium, then it should be noted modernism, cubism, or a combination of these two styles.

Atrium House / ST House

The presented house, located in an exclusive Indonesian residential area with stunning views of the city of Bandung, has a spacious and open plan. The residential complex is designed for comfortable living of a large family and for the reception of numerous guests and relatives.

Atrium House / ST House

The house is located on the ring road, where on the upper contour the building looks two-story, and on the side with a lower contour, five floors are visible. Panoramic front windows open breathtaking views of the adjacent natural landscape, the structural elements of the building create a cozy patio with parking for cars.

Atrium House / ST House

The cubic plain outlines of the house do not prevent it from being a tourist attraction among ordinary suburban buildings thanks to the multi-level structure and cantilever solutions of the upper floors.

Atrium House / ST House

Atrium inside house / spatial solutions for interior with atrium

Simple geometric shapes on the outside hide a comfortable and unconventional interior space centered around the atrium.

Atrium House / ST House

A stylized green area in the middle of the house serves as a central place for relaxation and meditation. A wooden fence is at the same time an element of the interior, a way of zoning space and comfortable benches for relaxation.

Atrium House / ST House

A few steps above the decorative conservatory is a recreation and reception area. Continuous glazing visually continues the natural green corner outside the house and gives the impression of a unity of the external landscape and interior rooms.

Atrium House / ST House

The original landscaping of the interior, which resonates with the design decision of the atrium for the choice of plants, details and design elements, continues the general stylistic line in the interior.

Atrium House / ST House

A total of 10 bedrooms with 3 spacious open areas, with a comfortable kitchen, dining room and all the necessary utility rooms located on several floors make this house with an atrium very pleasant for a large family.

Atrium House / ST House


Everyone dreams of their own corner. A logical desire that is realistically realized. If you decide to abandon traditional solutions, build a modern house with an atrium. Do not wonder. Instead of the ceiling, you don’t have to see the azure of the sky and worry about every change in the weather. Absolutely not.

home atrium

A house with an atrium implies the absence of an attic. High roof provides high-quality air condensation. The room will always have an adequate level of humidity, comfortable temperature. And also – spacious and bright.

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Houses with atriums in the middle – important details

Modern atrium house has its pros and cons.

  • Open area under the roof enhances the space. You can build a second tier that will be used for recreation;
  • The design allows you to maintain perfect air circulation.

However, it is necessary to warm the building well in order to minimize the flow of cold. The power of the roof truss system is also reduced, and the horizontal load is compensated by the crossbar.

atrium inside house

Starting to build a house with an atrium, listen to the advice of experienced architects. And, of course, investment is needed. The project of a house with an atrium is relevant for suburban areas. In a big city, it can also be implemented. The best option in hot climates.

atrium fine homes

Atrium inside house – Simple but tasteful

Pay attention to the photo of the house with the atrium. Photos will help to make the right impression. The walls are made of concrete. Architects knowingly chose it. Concrete belongs to the demanded building materials, regardless of the passage of time. Eco-friendly, malleable and durable. In some places, the design of the facade resembles a grid.

atrium in the house

Large windows allow the penetration of natural light into the rooms. Windows look harmonious, help to set the right accents. A cozy terrace will help to fill pleasant moments with family and friends.

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houses with atriums in the middle
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Modern atrium house / Space organization

Atrium house inside gives a sense of security, tranquility and grace.

The plan provides for:

  • bedrooms;
  • kitchens;
  • living room;
  • a bathroom.
atrium skyward undri
atrium split house
atrium ranch house

Rooms in the house with an atrium properly equipped. This creates a unique home atmosphere. The interior of the atrium house is characterized by calm and warm colors. The classic combination of white, brown, gray and black. Large panoramic windows open the street landscapes. If you want to abstract from the outside world, you can omit the curtains.

glass atrium house

A house with an atrium creates the illusion of airiness. It seems that he has the ability to “breathe.” Try to keep this special mood. Put simple and simple furniture to keep the interior of the house without a ceiling light. Preference is for natural materials. Live, not piece plants will not be superfluous.

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Architects Nha Dan Architects
Photo Hiroyuki Oki