Beautiful House with Pool / 3 Levels on a Steep Slope

A beautiful house with a 3-level pool on a steep slope near the sea coast, due to the peculiarities of the location, required a particularly thoughtful approach to organizing the space.

On an area of 900 square meters, comfortable, ergonomic living areas with stunning panoramic views of 180 ° towards the sea are provided. Each of the three levels of the villa is distinguished by its level of privacy, functionality and purpose.

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The vertical delimitation of the zones made it possible to place a spacious living space for a family on a small plot, creating conditions for a comfortable stay with children. Consider how this massive mansion was built on the compact territory of the slope.

1st level – service

The first floor is the base of the cottage. It is a basement with a solid deep foundation for the stability of a massive beautiful home with pool and terraces on the slope. A garage, storage rooms, utility rooms were placed here, equipment for servicing the house was installed.

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Due to this technique, it was possible to relieve the living space from the need to equip secondary rooms here. The architects made it possible to make the most efficient use of the area of the two upper floors.

2nd level – social spaces and recreation areas

The second floor of a beautiful house with a swimming pool is the main living area for the whole family. The entrance to the mansion is made on this level. It provides a kitchen, dining area, living room.

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All this is behind panoramic windows, from which you can see the sea. Just outside the window is a terrace with a swimming pool, serving as a continuation of the inner living area.

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On the opposite side of the building, towards the slope, there is a small private courtyard with access from the living room. Here you can also spend time with your family, alone or with friends, have fun, relax in the air.

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This alternative yard will be indispensable in windy weather, when it will be uncomfortable to rest from the sea. Moreover, the courtyard is secluded and even covered with a canopy.

Level 3 – private

The third floor has no less impressive views of the seascape than the adjoining terrace. But at the same time, the confidentiality of spaces is thought out here. Bedrooms are located on this floor.

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Competent planning of a beautiful house with a 3-level swimming pool on a steep slope made it possible to arrange the most comfortable conditions for a family. Each floor fulfills its strictly assigned function.

ArchitectsBloc Architects
PhotoChris Allan