33+ Most Creative Big Window Designs

A creative approach to the design of windows allows you to make the overall architecture of the building extraordinary and interesting. It is not for nothing that the design of large windows is becoming the hallmark of many objects. Seeing such a building in the city, it is identified as a house with large, beautiful, round or long windows – depending on their configuration. And everyone immediately understands what object we are talking about.

big window grill design

Sometimes window design ideas are so creative that they make the house far from traditional architecture, turning it into an interesting project that you want to consider and study.

Practical design of large panoramic windows

big window glass design

The owners of the facility wanted to install full-wall windows in the house, but at the same time, privacy and a comfortable microclimate were important for them. In this regard, the windows were recessed into the building, and terraces with sloping awnings were constructed in front of them.

big size window design

As a result, we get panoramic glazing, partially hidden from outside views, which looks like a solid glass wall from the inside. The sloped canopy not only partially obscures the panorama from direct sunlight, ensuring the optimization of the microclimate, but also turns the building into a unique piece of architecture.

big window design with grill

Such an unusual design of large windows added dynamics to the house, made it unlike traditional cottages. The windows look like cutouts in concrete. It seems that it was a solid cube, which stratified and deformed, and openings formed in the places of the split.

Extraordinary bulging design of large windows

Extraordinary bulging design of large windows

In the presented project, the windows seem to rush out of the house, reaching for the views, the light. This creates an extraordinary, futuristic look for the building. It seems that this is a house from another planet. And all that was necessary was to make the slopes not inward, but outward, completing them in a trapezoidal shape.

Extraordinary bulging design of large windows

For even greater showiness and dynamics, the designs were made asymmetrical. Each window has its own, separate direction – although the glazing is made in the same plane.

Extraordinary bulging design of large windows

The gray reinforced concrete walls of the building have gone from boring rectilinear forms to dynamic structures. The windows here draw the main attention to themselves, they look like cells and accent elements of the structure.

Extraordinary bulging design of large windows

This is the case when the building will clearly be identified by the extraordinary, creative form of window openings.

Creative protruding big window design

Creative protruding big window design

In some ways, the options presented are similar to the previous project – here the glazing also extends beyond the building envelope. But at the same time they are enclosed in strict square, rectangular shapes.

Creative protruding big window design

It seems that the windows are attached to the house from the outside, rather than embedded in the walls. This creative design of big windows made it possible to visually enlarge the building, accentuate the glazing, and add dynamics and creativity to the architecture. Due to the unusual shape, the window sills seem to protrude outward. This technique helped create a connection between the landscape and the interior space.

Large Window Designs ~ Features of installing big windows

projects of single-storey houses with panoramic glazing

The style of use for the continuous glazing of the facade was borrowed from French architects and designers. In recent years, this option has become the basis for the design of modern residential buildings. Compact and comfortable will be a one-story house with panoramic glazing, which has its advantages and some nuances.


One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing

Previously, large windows from the ceiling to the floor were used exclusively for warm regions, today the advanced technology for the production of double-glazed windows allows you to install them even in cold climates.

big window design

Double-glazed windows of a new production have a special layer that reduces the heat transfer of the coating. In this regard, they become popular for houses of different stripes of the country.

One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing

Installation of windows to the full height of the walls is used for frame, wooden, brick, concrete structures. There is no fundamental restriction in wall decoration.

Standard-built residential building is a compact and comfortable option for a small family. Projects are based on the arrangement of the main necessary premises – sleeping rooms for adults and children, a living room, a kitchen, which is most often combined with a dining room or living room (the so-called studio version), a bathroom, a small entrance hall.

big windows house design

Large window structures allow you to increase the space of a small building area at one level. The unique finish not only opens up a wonderful view to the outside, but is also the main source of daylight.

big glass window design

Project plan for a single-story house of this type has some nuances:

  • Location relative to the side of the world – glass in its structure is characterized by significant heat-conducting ability. It is better to install window openings from the side of good sunlight – south or southwest;
  • The layout of the residential building must be taken into account at the stage of selecting large windows. The width, height of the openings, their location in the room should look aesthetically pleasing, without creating the effect of a “shop window”;
One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing
  • Panoramic glazing is suitable for the living room, bedroom, hall, dining room. This option will increase the area of the rooms, even with small dimensions. In houses on one level often provide a veranda or terrace, which also should arrange the installation of large windows.
big size window design

Based on the specifics of the building design at one level, it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of proportions. Also remember that full-wall windows for one climate zone will not always be suitable for another. When choosing should take into account the heat engineering calculations of the premises, which will ensure the most favorable conditions in the room in the cold season.


One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing

Undoubted advantages of large French windows are such factors:

  1. The residential building looks beautiful, stylish, modern and visually has a large area.
  2. Beautiful design of the facade of the building and the interior.
  3. Increase in illumination, opening a view of the surrounding area.
  4. Reducing the finish area of internal coatings, thereby reducing the cost of finishing materials.
big window glass design

Large windows become an ideal option for country houses, where each review carries the beauty of the natural landscape. Sometimes this is the only opportunity to perform a stylish exterior design while decorating the interior.

large upvc window design

At the same time, one should be prepared for constant care of the cleanliness of windows, observe safety measures, especially if small children live in the house. Also, the increased area of the glazed wall should compensate for heat loss, in connection with which more dense double-glazed windows are chosen, additional insulation of the facade is performed.

One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing

Of course, a one-story house with panoramic glazing is an attractive option for exterior design. Residents get the opportunity to contemplate the wonderful world, which is in the usual rhythm of life. In many private homebuilding projects, this is exactly what French chic looks like.

One-Storey House with Panoramic Glazing
Architects Botticini + Facchinelli ARW
Photo atelierXYZ

Extra Large Glass Windows after Restoration

The Museum Quarter of Amsterdam demonstrates excellent Dutch architecture. Creative design is manifested in a non-standard expression of the forms of exteriors, in which filigree models of buildings prevail. UNStudio studio worked on the restoration of the townhouse, in which residential apartments are located on the upper floors, and the store’s trading floor is on the lower level.

house with big glass windows
large loft windows

To express elegance and fashion trends, architects took as a basis large windows after restoration. It is this part of the exterior of the building that creates the general perception of Dutch art. The shape of the glass structure resembles the developing sections of the dress. As well as textiles, large windows have curved lines, volumetric shapes, and transparent texture. Stacking from the top floor, three panels simulate bloating, the airiness of the entire panoramic glazing.

big glass windows

This project combines and combines classic fashion with architecture. The mastery of conveying the geometry of the structure creates an aesthetics and functionality of the exterior. Passers-by can see the dynamics of the fashion industry, which reflects the social rhythm of the surrounding world.

large commercial windows

Individuality of the exterior is expressed in a three-window structure that runs along the entire wall. The designed design starts from the living quarters and extends along the height of the building to the tiled floor. Glass boxes are lined around with masonry, which emphasize the aesthetics of the architectural style. Box elements have a modular design, which consists of individual panels. Assembly was carried out directly on the facade.

large house windows

The basis of large windows is annealed glass with a low iron content. The bonding agent is silicone, which provides structural strength. The connection of each element is made using stainless steel profiles. Due to the brilliant texture of the material, a part of the curved shape of the windows is emphasized.

large front window

Edges of the glass boxes are made of a steel frame that serves as a protective base. Visually, all elements look like a single whole, while not having a distinction in form. On the edges of the large windows on the facade after restoration are made in a symmetrical form, and the central part is in a mirror shape.

modern house big windows

Traditional panoramic glazing uses solid floor windows that are familiar to everyone. On the example of the project “Through the Looking Glass”, a new opportunity opens for working with glass. The silicone seam between the stainless steel profiles makes it possible to produce curved shapes. In this case, the steel profile prevents possible damage to the glass.

large home windows

Protruding glass boxes also allow you to play the role of natural light, absorbing the sun’s rays. The stylistics of such an exterior corresponds to the non-standard architecture of Amsterdam, where each building is the embodiment of creative skill. Modern technology, the development of industrial production gives a definite plus to architects.

large modern windows

Designers and specialized designers can turn the old building exterior into an ultra-stylish composition. UNStudio Townhouse is fashion and architecture all rolled into one.

Architects UNStudio
Photo Evabloem