17+ Stylish Stucco Window Trim Ideas

The windows on the facade of the house are like the eyes of a person on his face. They perform a similar function – they provide an overview and view from the inside of the building. At the same time, they are considered the central element of the exterior. The ideas for decorating windows with stucco moldings allow you to focus on them. It is like accessories in the form of a person.

stucco window trim ideas

Decorative finishes create a complete, complete picture, emphasizing the style of the house and the taste of its owners. It can be massive, defiant or modest and sophisticated, unobtrusively and neatly highlighting window openings on the facade.

Discreet ideas for decorating windows with stucco

Discreet ideas for decorating windows with stucco

To visually enlarge small windows on the facade, it is better to use not very massive stucco molding. Thin but expressive white lines contrastly frame the windows like a neat spectacle frame on the face of a successful, serious person.

Discreet ideas for decorating windows with stucco

An unobtrusive floral pattern will help to add elegance and make the look less strict. In this case, the lines along the perimeter of the windows should not be too thin, but somewhat thicker than the frame and the partition between the glass panes. So the decor will be quite noticeable and will qualitatively highlight the openings in the walls.

Discreet ideas for decorating windows with stucco

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

When decorating large, wide or paired window openings, arched structures, central stained-glass windows on the facade of a house, the decor may not be limited to modest lines and restrained curls. Massiveness, richness of patterns is allowed here. But at the same time, the windows should look harmoniously together with the rest of the decor on the facade, not get out of the concept and not overshadow other structures.

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

The discrepancy between the ideas of decorating windows with stucco molding and the design of balconies, porches will be a sign of a lack of taste among the owners. In addition, all windows should be decorated in the same style. Therefore, if there are large openings on the facade, decorated in a rich style, other windows must match them.

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

If the main window is arched, the decor on other openings should also be in the form of arches. But the latter may differ in less saturation of patterns.

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

For example, the largest central window can be decorated with a swirling floral pattern on top, and a rosette can be added above it. In this case, small, auxiliary windows may have locks on top – there is no need to make sockets above them. The decor should be based on the same pattern as on the central window, but it can be made more laconic.

Ideas for rich stucco window decoration

The ideas of decorating windows with stucco molding should be applied rationally. Not always mean a lot of good. Sometimes brevity looks much more stylish and attractive.

Stylish Exterior Window Decor Ideas With Stucco

Decorating windows on the facade of a house using stucco molding is a way to add expressiveness to openings, to integrate them with the general style of the building. Modern ideas for decorating the exterior of the window turn openings into real facade decorations, eliminate boring.

window decor outside

Looking at a house with well-designed windows, there is no feeling that something is missing here. On the contrary, you can enjoy a building like looking at an art object.

Elegant exterior window decor ideas

decor around windows

Refined lines in the external decoration of windows add aesthetics and elegance to the facade. It looks nice and neat. A certain style can be traced in the design of the building.

under window decorating ideas

Neat flowing curls with a touch of floristry create harmony with wildlife. Natural forms from the environment can be traced on the facade itself, so the building does not seem to be taken out of the general context, but closely interacts with the landscape.

above window decor

Such a stucco pattern can be quite laconic or, conversely, represent a massive decoration with many bends and lines. In the latter case, the building becomes almost a standard of classical architecture. But here it is important that the rest of the decor on the facade is also sufficiently voluminous and rich. Pilasters, columns, rustic stones, rich rosettes and expressive cornices under the roof, on the pediment will not interfere.

Strict ideas for decorating an external window with stucco

farmhouse window wall decor

Stucco molding in the design of openings on the facade is not only a classic. Homes in modern styles can also be decorated with this decor. The windows receive expressive frames, stand out in contrast on the facade, attract attention and emphasize the integrity of the composition.

decorating around a window

Modern ideas for decorating the exterior of the window imply laconicism and strictness of lines. The most you can do here is add locks or straight decorative lines. In general, you can make just an even framing.

white window frame decor

This technique will visually enlarge the windows, which is especially important for the facades of modern buildings. But in order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to choose the right decor. It should not be too massive and not very thin, since in the first case the opening itself will look disproportionate, and in the second, you will get insufficient expressiveness.

outdoor window frame decor

In the houses of the new generation, the ideas for decorating the facade of the window imply the minimalism of forms and patterns. First of all, contrast, expressiveness and accuracy are important here.