Colorful Modern Stone Cottage

When creating a modern suburban vacation home, architects often pursue the spontaneous atmosphere, color, and comfort characteristic of buildings of past generations. To reproduce the charm and sophistication of age-old housing, adapting it to current needs, they are doing the reconstruction of old buildings. The presented modern stone cottage was created based on a two-hundred-year-old house made of natural materials.

small stone cottage

Ergonomics, the comfort of the building, and the surrounding area fully meet the needs of a new generation of families. At the same time, the space is imbued with the atmosphere of old, colorful housing – an exceptional place to spend vacations and vacations. The house can be used as a cozy hotel or family residence.

Modern stone cottage as the new life of an old building

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Initially, the building belonged to a distillery. Located in the Azores, in an area with breathtaking scenery. Directly from the windows, you can see the highest point of Portugal – the Pico Volcano.

cottage stone house

The architect who turned an old but solid building into a modern stone cottage used this feature as vividly as possible. From the view side of the house, there is a swimming pool and a terrace with sun loungers. A truly majestic picture opens up from here.

Time travel with a modern stone cottage

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The stone cottage invites you to travel back in time. Getting inside the house, you feel modern comfort due to high-quality lighting, large, comfortable beds, armchairs, furnished dining areas, and resting places.

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But at the same time, all this is surrounded by an authentic old setting that sends your mind to a couple of centuries ago – around that time the house was built. An abundance of wood in the setting, stone, and massive wooden beams create an insightful atmosphere.

Functionality and flavor of a modern stone cottage

the stone cottage

The facility is fully adapted for the recreation of a modern family or a family of several generations. There are six rooms for living here. In addition, the territory has a distillery, a dining room, a sauna, a swimming pool with a panoramic view, and a barbecue area with an oven.

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Moreover, the zones are located so that several groups of people can spend time independently of each other. While some are sitting at the table, preparing a barbecue, others are enjoying spa treatments or relaxing in a secluded bedroom.

large stone beautiful cottage

The buildings are compactly located on the site, creating a single object with a cozy courtyard. An unusually colorful atmosphere is felt here.

flagstone cottage

Each zone and space of a modern stone cottage is adapted for comfortable family rest. But at the same time, here you go back in time, feel the spirit of traditional Portuguese living, and enjoy incredible, unspoiled natural landscapes with an emphasis on majesty.

ArchitectsDiogo Mega Architects
ImagesFrancisco Nogueira