17+ Stunning Exterior Natural Stone Cladding Trends to Watch

Exterior natural stone cladding adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home’s exterior. With its natural beauty and durability, natural stone cladding has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their home’s curb appeal. In this article, we will explore five stunning natural stone cladding trends to watch, from traditional … Read more

Natural Stone House ~ Advantages of the project from China

A private house made of natural stone is a trend in elite housing construction. It is fashionable, expensive, and comfortable. The record service life of such a property is combined with excellent performance. The modern design of the house made of natural stone was presented by the architectural bureau Dake Architectural Design. To authentically repeat … Read more

Colorful Modern Stone Cottage

When creating a modern suburban vacation home, architects often pursue the spontaneous atmosphere, color, and comfort characteristic of buildings of past generations. To reproduce the charm and sophistication of age-old housing, adapting it to current needs, they are doing the reconstruction of old buildings. The presented modern stone cottage was created based on a two-hundred-year-old … Read more

Barn House Metal & Stone Project ~ 5 Modern Features

The modern Barnhouse is a project of a spacious house made of metal and stone, stylized as a farm building. At the same time, fashionable architectural and design ideas are implemented here – open ergonomic spaces, and panoramic glazing. Thus, architects need to strike a balance between elementary rural architecture, modernity, and functionality. To do … Read more

3+ Ideas for How to Furnish the Interior of a One-Story Stone House

Architectural bureau GRX Arquitectos presented a stylish project of a house made of natural stone. The cottage is located in the Spanish municipality of Puebla de Don Fadrique. Along with the unusual exterior, the interior of a one-story stone house remains no less interesting. The architects have achieved a close connection between the interior space … Read more

Modern Stone House Design With Integrated Garden & Swimming Pool

The villa presented by DADA Partners demonstrates the relationship between architecture and landscape design. The modern design of a stone house with terraces, a garden, a swimming pool, and flower beds is a single, clustered dynamic environment with areas for relaxation, study, work, family dinners, and other tasks. The project does not have a clear … Read more

Beautiful Stone House Project with Wooden Ceilings

The task of the architects was to create a simple housing with a traditional atmosphere on the outskirts of Poznan (Poland), but at the same time to achieve a high level of modern comfort and privacy in it. The specialists offered the owners a project of a beautiful stone house with wooden beam structures instead … Read more

Small Stone House with Plywood Wall Cladding

The task of the architects was to turn the old building, squeezed between buildings, into a comfortable family nest with a cozy homely atmosphere. A small stone house was turned into a bright, spacious home. A special role in the setting, the atmosphere is played by wall cladding with plywood. The concept included ceilings and … Read more

Modern Wood & Stone House Exterior

Traditional materials are especially relevant in the construction of housing in the natural environment. In such an environment, the exterior of a house made of wood and stone looks cozy, harmonious, appropriate. In the interior and exterior, there is a connection with the environment. In addition, it is beautiful, fashionable, comfortable and safe. The presented … Read more

33+ Modern Stone & Wood House Ideas

The architectural bureau MMXX Architects presented a modern stone-wooden house in the city of Samokov (Bulgaria). The two-story building has a simple rectangular shape and features characteristic of rural housing. It is built of traditional eco-friendly materials, has a symmetrical facade and a gable roof. But at the same time, architects introduced elements into the … Read more

Travertine Stone Wall Cladding

Travertine is a sand-gold colored stone that has an uneven texture. This material is demanded in decorative construction works. Technology of installation of travertine on the facade today enjoys increased popularity. Finishing the facade of the house with this stone allows you to create an excellent result. Travertine can be both natural and artificial. By … Read more

Contemporary Mediterranean Stone House

The steep, dramatic Mediterranean stone house is a system of multifunctional, open living spaces that form a single, self-contained facility for luxury living. The design combines reliability, comfort, coziness, providing close contact with the environment due to the openness of spaces. We get direct access from the living room to the terrace with the pool, … Read more

Modern Minimalist Sandstone House

In modern architecture, traditional, natural materials are often used as the basis for construction. It is fashionable, reliable, safe and comfortable. But at the same time, the shape, design and configuration of the building are far from the classics. It is dominated by conciseness, simplicity, openness and integration with the environment. An example of the … Read more

10+ Decorative House Siding Ideas With Natural Imitation

Home decorative siding is a cladding material to enhance the aesthetics and performance of a home. In modern architecture, such a coating for external walls is very diverse – it is made from wood, metal, ceramics, PVC and other materials. This opens up endless design possibilities for owners. Consider the most unusual and creative options … Read more

8+ Creative Outside Wall Covering Ideas with Natural Materials

The effectiveness and attractiveness of the facade depends to a large extent on the material and configuration of the exterior cladding of the house. Modern ideas for external wall coverings make it possible to turn a country cottage into a unique architectural object. With the help of external finishing, the building is stylized to resemble … Read more

Stone Concrete Houses / Futuristic hillside house from Mexico

Stone has long been considered the most durable and durable building material in the construction of residential buildings. Such structures look massive, beautiful, with a special “medieval” aura. In the quiet city of Tepeggi del Rio, the Amanali House project is located, in which stone-concrete houses demonstrate their greatness. The location of the residential sections … Read more

Beige Stone Finish Combined With White Interior

Organization of external and internal space is a whole flight of various styles, design ideas. A mix of competently selected design solutions for the modern facade of the house allows you to create an original, unique appearance, as well as design the interior in trendy colors. Despite the variety of directions, facing the outer part … Read more

Modern House Exterior in the Mountains / Metal and Stone

What is modern home exterior decoration? Is there any specific definition of a “stylish building”? The scope of design today is maximally expanded, the embodiment of the most non-standard projects is welcome. If you want to make a modern house exterior, we offer to add a maximum of creativity to the design of the building. … Read more

Natural Stone Cladding Homes with Modern Rural Interiors

By creating contemporary living in an old fashioned way, architects and designers authentically recreate the ambience of the time that the home belongs to, while integrating it with innovative solutions. This allows you to adapt the color and romance of the old buildings to the needs of a modern family. The cladding of the house … Read more

Modern Stone Country House

Compact European stone houses built in past centuries look colorful and cozy, but often they do not meet the needs of families in the present. Architects are using creative ideas and solutions to adapt these homes for a comfortable 21st century living, while retaining their charm and primitive appearance. Architectural bureau HBG Arquitectos showed how … Read more

How to Build a Modern 1 Story Stone House with Attic

The Krafna architectural bureau presented a small 1-storey stone house with an attic area of 45 sq.m. It was built on the territory of a former vineyard in Portugal and outwardly fully corresponds to the traditional local housing – small windows, compactness, stone walls, roof tiles. But at the same time, housing is adapted to … Read more