Stone Veneer Siding / How to Apply Stone Panels in Exterior?

The stone market has been largely taken over by plastic façade panels mainly because consumers can get the look of real stone at little cost. There are both plastic facade siding under the stone and real stone panels on the market. But there are some serious advantages when choosing plastic stone panels in relation to real stones.

Faux stone siding

stone veneer
faux stone panels
stone veneer siding

Artificial stone is a great option for both indoor and outdoor decoration, adding texture and color to any place in your home. Whether it’s an accent wall or a backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom, stone-look plastic facade siding is a style you’ll love.

stone siding
stone veneer panels

Working with real stone often means existing structures such as columns and fireplaces need to be reinforced to carry the extra weight. This does not apply to artificial stone panels. The lighter weight means they can be applied to walls and other structures without reinforcing the structure. Plus, you can easily find the right brick or stone shade for your panel, which can be tricky with a real stone.

Fake stone siding

stone veneer panels for exterior

With low installation costs, better color options and no need to reinforce existing structures, stone or brick look plastic facade siding is a great option for any homeowner, no matter the budget.

faux stone veneer

The widespread use of plastic facade siding under the stone has received their use in interior wall decoration.

Fake stone wall panels / DÖCKE

Modern, spectacular, durable and impressive – this is how the facades of private houses will look if you use facade or basement cladding panels like a stone for cladding the outer walls of a house from Döcke Extrusion. Quite realistic imitation of the structure of natural stone in five collections: BURG, STEIN, FELS, STERN and EDEL. The speed and simplicity of installation will allow you to reduce the cost of installation work or to decorate the facade, basement of your house with your own hands.

vinyl stone siding

The production company Döcke Extrusion is the German market leader in the production of plastic facade panels with imitation of various materials. This company is also engaged in the production of vinyl siding, PVC gutter systems, as well as asphalt shingles. There are several factories operating according to the original technology, including in Russia. In Ukraine and Belarus there are a number of representative offices selling products of this brand.

Material price

  • from $ 20 per sq. m.


  • Overall length 1072 mm
  • Overall width 472 mm
  • Useful panel area 0.42 m

BURG collection

This series of plastic facade panels for a stone is distinguished by smooth lines, realistic imitation of stone texture, various options for the color of the seam. Available in five colors: earthy, sandy, wheat, platinum, and wool.

Earthy color

exterior stone veneer
faux stone panels exterior

Brown shades of the color of the panel under the stone in the photo of the facade of the house in combination with plaster of lambs in the color of asphalt, a brown roof and light filing. The light seam on the panels adds contrast to the overall façade and unites the paneling with the colors of the stucco and roof sheathing. Light-colored facade decor makes the exterior of the house even more unique.

Sand color

cheap faux stone siding panels
exterior faux stone panels 4x8

Facade, facing panels under a champagne-colored stone with mustard shades (shades of yellow): a photo of a combination with a green roof, white windows, light roofing and light decor.

Wheat color

stone siding panels
exterior stone siding

Facing panel for the facade of a house under a stone of light beige: photo of a combination with white windows, plaster and mustard-colored facade decor.

Platinum color

stone veneer wall

Facade finishing panel imitating galliotis stone combined with white windows, gray facade decor and gray roof in the photo of a beautiful two-story house. The second floor is made in light gray plaster.

Coat color

stone veneer lowes
отделка дома панелями под камень

A vanilla stone-look cladding panel with dark jointing in combination with steel-colored plaster, white windows, white facade moldings and a dark gray roof in the photo selection of cladding materials.

STEIN collection

A series of plastic, finishing panels for the facade of your house with imitation of natural stone in seven shades of color: brown, yellow color palette. There are matte and glossy options.


stone veneer house
stone and siding house

Plastic panel for finishing the facade of a house in gray, matte with dark veins, combined with a burgundy roof and burgundy plinth in clinker tiles, white windows and white decorative facade stucco. Photo-gallery of the choice of front material.


faux stone wall panel
faux stone wall panels cheap

Dark gray, glossy plastic panel for facing the exterior walls of the house: photo combination with a red roof, clinker plinth, white facade decor and white windows with stras. The front panel of the roof lining is in the color of the roof itself, and the roof lining is white.


faux stone panels lowes

Photo example of an artificial panel for a saffron-colored stone (shades of yellow) for finishing the facade of a private house in combination with a brown roof and clinker tiles on the plinth, white windows with stras and white exterior decor.


thin stone veneer panels
stacked stone veneer panels

Facade panel with a light-colored stone look with even jointing in combination with a green roof, brown clinker plinth, white plastic window frames and light green facade decor. Selection by photo examples.

Autumn forest

stone look siding
outdoor stone veneer

Finishing, plastic panel for the facade of your country house: a photo of imitation of the texture of natural stone of gold color (shades of yellow) in combination with a burgundy roof and burgundy windows.

Dark walnut

siding that looks like stone
stone look vinyl siding

Decorative, plastic stone-like panel for finishing the facade of the house in a contrasting brown color in combination with a gray roof, gray plinth finish and light gray facade decor. 3D photo selection of facing materials for the facade of the house.


simulated stone vinyl siding

Plastic panel for a facade imitating a stone: photo of an amber yellow color combined with a dark green roof and gray clinker tiles on the foundation.

EDEL collection

Plastic panels for a stone look with a more pronounced structure, the presence of rich dark colors and a smaller size of stone tiles.


faux stone veneer panels
faux stacked stone panels

Plastic panel under natural stone for finishing the facade of a house in apricot color (shades of yellow) in combination with dark windows, dark gray facade decor and a gray roof in the photo of the best facades of houses.


faux exterior stone
plastic stone panels

Spectacular plastic façade panel imitating yellow-brown stone: photo of contrast with white architectural elements of decor and dark green roof.


stone facade siding
faux stone siding panels

Photo of finishing the facade of the house with a plastic panel under dark brown stone in combination with brown windows and a roof, light facade stucco.


stone veneer menards
outdoor faux stone panels 4x8

Plastic panel for facade cladding under a light stone in combination with dark gray windows and facade stucco molding, gray roof in the photo as an example of the selection of modern finishing materials for the facade of the house.

FELS collection

A set of facing, plastic panels for finishing the basement, the foundation of the house under a stone. It is presented in six colors with a large size imitation of natural stone. There are options with gloss elements, mainly matte shades of earthy colors (gray, brown)


Photo of the cladding of the basement of the house with a plastic panel under a light beige stone in combination with a dark green facade plaster, white windows and white exterior decor.


artificial stone panels
imitation stone siding

Decorating the basement of the house with a plastic panel for a stone: photo of champagne color (shades of yellow) in combination with turquoise facade plaster and light decorative elements of the facade of the house.

Pearlescent color

house exteriors with stone and siding

A cladding panel for a stone-like base for finishing a copper-colored plinth (shades of brown) in combination with burgundy plaster of the outer walls and light facade stucco. The choice of material for photo examples.

Rye color

cheap faux stone panels
faux stone vinyl siding

Photo of the basement cladding with brown plastic panels in combination with coffee-colored facade plaster and white facade decor.

Terracotta color

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Stone panel for cladding a terracotta base / plinth in combination with yellow-brown plaster of the outer walls and white decorative elements of the facade of the house. The best photo examples of facing materials.