8+ Creative Outside Wall Covering Ideas with Natural Materials

The effectiveness and attractiveness of the facade depends to a large extent on the material and configuration of the exterior cladding of the house. Modern ideas for external wall coverings make it possible to turn a country cottage into a unique architectural object. With the help of external finishing, the building is stylized to resemble the surrounding nature, practically masking in it, or, conversely, contrastingly highlight against the background of the landscape, but preserve harmony.

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Consider the most creative options for decorating the house outside with natural materials that amaze with their singularity and creativity.

Exterior Wall Covering Idea with Wooden Slats

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One of the most creative options in modern architecture is the finishing of external structures with a hinged frame with wooden siding. Sometimes architects suggest sheathing such a frame is not continuous, but leaving gaps between the boards, lamellas.

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The idea looks quite unusual and functional. Due to the gaps, the structure transmits light, maintaining a visual connection between the interior space and the environment.

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For such a finish, it makes sense to install panoramic windows. The frame made of wooden planks increases the privacy of the living space, optimizes the microclimate in the house, but at the same time you can enjoy the views of the surrounding areas, the building turns out to be open and bright.

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In this case, the structure can be stylized as untreated wooden sticks. This idea of external wall covering integrates the building into living nature as harmoniously as possible. It seems that the house was built from scrap materials taken just in the forest. There is minimal human intervention.

Stone Exterior Wall Covering Idea

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Another creative option that is as close to nature as possible is the facing of the enclosing structures with natural stone or imitation for it. Depending on the texture, color, size, the stone can closely integrate the house into the environment or visually pull it out of the environment, focusing on the object.

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Sometimes, for contrast, stone in exterior decoration is used next to ultra-modern, smooth, monotonous surfaces. Due to this solution, the house does not look like an old fortress, a building of past centuries, but looks stylish and fashionable.

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Sometimes the material itself is played up to a modern style. In this case, the idea of external wall covering consists in facing with small-sized stone or in using massive, but perfectly flat, sanded surfaces. In general, stone is a versatile solution that can be used to stylize a building to resemble age-old housing or give it a touch of novelty.