4+ Modern Exterior Cladding Ideas For Your Home

Classical options for external cladding are well known to everyone for their practicality, prevalence, and relative cheapness. This is ordinary plaster, facing brick, etc. Let’s expand our understanding of the fashion trends in the exterior of the house and take a look at these unique and modern exterior cladding ideas. Each of them certainly deserves your attention. Using modern materials in the cladding of your exterior, you can easily achieve originality, uniqueness, and at the same time practicality of the facade of the house.

Modern exterior metal cladding idea

Modern exterior metal cladding idea

Let’s start with perhaps the most impressive example of the exterior cladding of a house – metal copper panels of complex geometric shapes. The option is of course expensive, but it makes an indelible impression on its appearance.

The initial aging of the material only intensifies over time and acquires a more unique and unique appearance. Different thicknesses of metal panels create a unique play of light at different times of the day. Each time, depending on the angle of view, you see a new pattern of your outer cladding. And it can’t help but impress!

The combination of external metal cladding with open, glass facades creates that modern look of your home that will give you aesthetic pleasure for many years of operation. At the same time, a universal and simple technique is used in modern exterior cladding: a combination of fundamentally opposite materials. In our case, this is visually heavy metal and the maximum area of facade glazing.

Agree, this version of modern exterior cladding makes an indelible impression. The play of shadows and material textures creates a new picture of the facade of your house every time. Yes, metal paneling isn’t cheap, but the result is a super trendy and modern exterior that won’t require maintenance for years to come. Consider this modern exterior cladding option for your home!

The combination of metal and wood in a modern exterior cladding

Continuing the theme of metal exterior cladding, take a look at this modern take on the combination of two materials: metal + wood. One of the most practical tricks in modern exterior cladding is to extend the roof onto part or all of your home’s facade. The use of roofing materials in facade cladding is very common due to their cheapness and practicality.

The combination of black corrugated board and natural shades of wood harmonizes your home with the surrounding nature as much as possible. Roofing material in the cladding of the exterior of the house does not require any operating costs for many years. Thanks to modern wood protection materials, you will also have no worries with wooden facade cladding for a long time.

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metal and wood in a modern exterior cladding

The main idea of the exterior cladding in this example is a bold combination of modern materials and their non-standard use. Partial and full use of roofing materials in exterior cladding is a modern and practical trend.

Exotic options for modern exterior cladding

Take a look at this unique example of contemporary wild wood paneling combined with a clean, minimalist façade design. And again we see one of the brightest tricks in modern architecture – a combination of materials that are extremely different from each other. The chaotic, natural surface of the wooden rods is perfectly combined with the clear lines of the balcony and panoramic windows.

Another striking example of the combination of artificially or naturally aged wood with cutting-edge materials will always look advantageous.

Modern stone exterior cladding ideas

Stone seems to be classic material, but with the right use of it in exterior cladding, you can easily achieve a super modern look for your exterior. The simple, minimalist forms of the house are radically transformed by the correct geometry of the stone panels. At the same time, the natural heterogeneity of stone surfaces maximally dilutes the severity and simplicity of the minimalist style of your home. And again we are dealing with a combination of two opposite approaches: simplicity + complexity. It always works!

Even more impressive is the combination of the most traditional material – sandstone with an ultra-modern version of the concrete exterior. The past and the future stand side by side and blend perfectly with each other. Exposed concrete surfaces are one of the latest trends in modern exterior cladding. The simplicity and practicality of this kind of exterior are gaining more and more fans among homeowners.

The above examples give us an idea of the main trends in the modern exterior cladding of a private house. One of the main techniques, in our opinion, is a bold combination of the most opposite materials in their essence among themselves. You can apply any material based on your ideas about practicality and it will look modern. We hope that our modern exterior cladding ideas will inspire you for the best solution for your exterior.