Modern Minimalist Sandstone House

In modern architecture, traditional, natural materials are often used as the basis for construction. It is fashionable, reliable, safe and comfortable. But at the same time, the shape, design and configuration of the building are far from the classics. It is dominated by conciseness, simplicity, openness and integration with the environment. An example of the interpretation of traditional construction technology in a new manner is a modern sandstone house in Spain from the architectural bureau Twobo Arquitectura.

The spacious residence is an abode of comfort and coziness, combining classic technologies and new solutions.

Best features of a modern sandstone house

Sandstone House

The house has an atmosphere of cozy, classic Spanish housing, but at the same time the configuration and layout are tailored to the new needs of the residents. Instead of small windows, we get panoramas, instead of cramped rooms – open functional spaces, instead of flower beds in the local area – spacious recreation areas with a swimming pool.

Sandstone House

The contemporary sandstone home combines the best of human experience. Thanks to proven materials, comfort and coziness has been created here, which is closely intertwined with rationality and functionality of architectural solutions. The residence is designed in such a way that the residents have the opportunity to hide from the outside world or, conversely, create maximum contact with the environment. The dynamics are provided by modern functional wood structures.

Enjoy the views of the mountains, sea, valley, while remaining in a secluded, hidden from the views of the neighboring areas. The house has been designed so that you can enjoy the natural surroundings without sacrificing privacy.

Rationality of the space of a modern sandstone house

The chosen construction technology made it possible to realize the house so that it consisted of separate living spaces that smoothly converge to a common social zone with access to the adjoining terrace. Residents receive the proper level of privacy in relation to each other, but at the same time they can always spend time comfortably together.

Inside, the house also uses only traditional materials – stone, wood. But at the same time, rational structures and objects have been collected from them in a modern way. That only there is a bed on the podium, smoothly turning into a writing desk. We come across traditional solutions that are played up in a new minimalist style with an emphasis on rationality, practicality, and comfort.

This modern sandstone house is a sophisticated and comfortable option for a family holiday near the sea. To increase the functionality of the spaces, there are platforms, terraces, verandas, a spacious kitchen, a living room. All social zones are in close contact, forming a single, multi-level facility for different types of recreation. And tired of the hustle and bustle, you can always hide from it in the bedroom with gorgeous views of the natural scenery.

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