Most Fancy House Ceiling Design 2021

In pursuit of the originality and creativity of living spaces, designers do not stop offering more and more extravagant interior design options. The unusual design of the ceiling was not left without attention, suggesting instead of the traditional flat surface, broken, domed, coffered and other options.

modern ceiling design for living room

In the most successful examples, such a ceiling is designed not only to add originality to the space, but also to make it as convenient as possible, divide it into functional parts, create an open, bright, dynamic housing with a special setting.

Fancy Wooden Structural Ceiling Design

ceiling model

A wooden domed ceiling with beams creates an atmosphere of modest comfort and coziness. The space is filled with fabulousness, the spirit of living nature, closely interacts with the forest environment. It is beautiful and unusual. The option is especially relevant for connoisseurs of environmental friendliness, simplicity and familiarity with nature.

tv lounge ceiling design

This unusual ceiling design features a beamed structure in the form of untreated tree trunks. A fabric cloth with a sagging effect is stretched between the wooden structures. Due to this configuration, an unusually romantic atmosphere is created in the room. The environmental friendliness of the interior is emphasized.

vaulted ceiling design

The intricate wooden frame and domed ceiling with a window in the center is another rather creative and cool solution for a home surrounded by nature.

Fancy Concrete & Metal Ceiling Design

industrial ceiling design

In this version of the ceiling, the traditional structure of beams was made in a monolith. Looks futuristic and industrial. The ceiling turned out to be massive, reliable, with a tinge of rudeness.

top ceiling design

The next option involves the use of steel structures instead of traditional wooden beams. Looks austere, industrial and suitable for loft-style interiors.

Fancy Broken Ceiling Design

down ceiling design for room

To create a cool, dynamic space, the traditional flat surface is replaced by a structure of complex shape and configuration. In one place it goes up, in another, on the contrary, it goes down.

ceiling full design

The transitions are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum openness and filling with light of social spaces, as well as seclusion and coziness in places intended for a more intimate, secluded time.

contemporary ceiling design

Premises with an unusual design of a broken ceiling are distinguished by special dynamics and functionality. The clearest and most expressive delineation of functional areas can be traced here, and the emphasis on openness and high-quality daylighting become the basis in the design of the room.