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Stilt Houses

Check out these unique stilt houses from the world’s best architects! The most careful introduction to the natural environment and the uniqueness of these houses are simply amazing.

Modern Homes on Pilings

Thanks to modern construction technologies of concrete construction, architects can embody the most daring decisions in the design of an excellent stilt house for their clients.

Full immersion in the surrounding nature and mutual penetration is guaranteed. You can even create your hillside lawn by planting a lawn right on top of a stilt house.

The magnificent transition between the sections of this house on stilts allows its residents to enjoy the surrounding greenery and the singing of birds to the maximum.

Sleeping inside the forest, but in perfectly comfortable conditions – this is the advantage that a stilt house surrounded by untouched forest can give you.

Full openness of internal spaces due to panoramic glazing is the main architectural technique in buildings of this type. Whatever you do: work or soak in the bathroom, you always have a magnificent picture of wildlife outside your window.

In this project, all individual sections and even the pool float above the slope surface.

Architects: TETRO Arquitetura / Photographs :Jomar Bragança


The architectural bureau Nautilo Arquitetura & Gerenciamento decided to build a conceptual house on a slope on stilts in the heart of a Brazilian forest. The special construction of the foundation made it possible to fix the building, almost in a hanging position on a steep hill surrounded by wildlife.

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This technology not only allowed us to implement the planned project but also minimized the costs since it would be irrational to install a traditional reinforced concrete foundation here.

Stilt homes 👉 Pristine nature right outside the windows

The presented house on a steep slope on stilts is built with minimal interference in the landscape. A minimum of excavation work was carried out here, the soil was not developed or exported. This made it possible to preserve even the trees closest to the house – one of the main wishes of the owners. Customers wanted to be able to directly observe the wildlife and the inhabitants of the forest from the living rooms.

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The presence of trees right next to the house has another functional significance. Since the slope is quite steep and massive, vegetation minimizes the likelihood of a landslide. The soil remains motionless and firmly holds piles.

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Houses built on stilts 👉 Vertical planning is a priority

The house on a slope on screw piles has an area of 1300 sq.m. But in the horizontal section, it is quite compact. The main emphasis is on vertical space planning, which is organized on 4 floors.

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At the same time, due to the steep mountain, the entrance to the building is made just in the upper part. A car race and a garage were also designed there – an atypical solution for private housing construction. The rooms on the floors have different levels of privacy. The social spaces in the house on the slopes on stilts are made below – there is also the main outdoor recreation area with a pool. Private spaces occupy the middle floors.

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The implementation of several levels allowed to the achievement of maximum integration of the house into the local natural environment. It is built on a level with trees, and the floors are designed so that the vegetation does not greatly obscure the building. From the windows of private rooms and the upper terrace open views into the distance above the edges of trees. Below, meanwhile, the main view is a dense forest with its inhabitants.


Thus, a spacious house on a slope on stilts from the architectural bureau Nautilo Arquitetura & Gerenciamento is a concept of vertical planning of living space for integration into nature at all levels – from the ground to the edges of the trees. The house is built with minimal environmental impact. Due to the implementation of a pile foundation during construction, it was possible to preserve the pristine nature, which begins immediately outside the windows.

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ArchitectsNautilo Arquitetura & Gerenciamento
PhotoAlessandro Guimarães 



To build a house is really in any condition. Even if the place is not too adapted for life. And let it be not fashionable apartments, but a certain comfort zone. This is the most important argument.


Pay attention to how you approached the solution to this issue in Sri Lanka. Given the occupation of the customer, the architects created an original wooden house on stilts. It is located on a hill against the backdrop of rice plantations and the jungle. Something like a bungalow. Having risen to the highest point of the house, you can see a beautiful landscape. And also regulate the rice growing cycle in the fields.


Wooden stilt house 👉 For work and recreation

The Wooden stilt house belongs to a young entrepreneur. He needs to control everything that happens on his estate. He wants to have a reliable shelter that will allow him to escape from the busy city bustle. It is comfortable to be in any season, both alone and with your family and friends. In addition, the owner rents his house to anyone who wants to stay in nature and relax in a relaxed atmosphere.


The area of the wooden house on stilts is 120 square meters. Its main purpose is to satisfy the factor of “rest”.

The plan of the house on stilts provides for the presence of:

  • three bedrooms;
  • Bathroom
  • multifunctional space with pantry.

The walls of the bedroom are sheathed in wood. Used technique board in the board. It is a natural and eco-friendly texture. It creates a favorable atmosphere and protection from external factors. The facade of the bedrooms is facing east and opens a gaze to the unique natural landscape.


House on wooden stilts 👉 Original form and planning

Levels linked almost the external staircase. Additional facilities are hidden under a canopy. The arrangement of space is competent and complete. This allows you to escape from everyday troubles, without suffering from a lack of comfort. Everything you need is always at hand.


The building is shaped like a chapel. This is a raised deck and a well-planned space. Simple asymmetric roof. It expands, in contact with the earth, creating a certain imbalance, symbolizing the temporal philosophy of everything in this world.


The structural concept takes an integer as an element located on a hillside, and not as an element built into it. Steel supports are elongated lines in contact with the natural undulating soil at different heights of the landscape.


The materials used are steel, wood, and bamboo components. The clarity and smoothness of the lines are maintained. This gives the house a certain fragility and simultaneous stability and strength. Piles do not affect vegetation and soil, which preserves the natural balance of the environment.

Architects Narein Perera