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3+ Small & Unique Workspace Ideas

The trend of mass migration of office workers to a remote work format is accompanied by new ideas for small jobs at home. Here, with a compact space, it is important to achieve its ergonomics, high-quality lighting, and privacy.

small workplace ideas in the forest

The solution to all three tasks at once in one project was presented by the Hello Wood architectural bureau. They proposed to move the workplace outside the apartment or house, and install it as a separate station for work in the yard.

The idea of moving a small workplace outside the living space

You do not have to allocate a separate room for a study, which could negatively affect everyday comfort.

ideas for a separate small workplace

Having installed a small separate building in the courtyard for a home office, the living space will not suffer from this, and even, on the contrary, unload. After all, now you can remove the desktop from the house, and equip in its place, for example, a recreation area.

ideas for a small workstation made of wood

In addition, living with a family, an employee can always be alone. This is especially important in the context of work comfort and productivity. At the same time, he will not interfere with his work for those who live with him.

small workplace windows ideas

Small open workplace idea

Due to large windows on the sides and glazing on the roof, good insolation is created in the space and views open from it.

small workplace interior ideas

Having installed the structure in a picturesque part of the courtyard, in front of a natural landscape, you will be able to work not in a closed office space, but practically in the fresh air behind glass.

modern small workplace ideas

The idea of an unusual design for a small workplace

The work environment doesn’t have to be dull and dull. To get rid of the effect of being in a closed box, the architects have added creative designs and an unusual broken shape.

small workplace cladding ideas

Another idea of arranging a small workplace is to be environmentally friendly and close to nature. An atmosphere of tranquility and close contact with the environment has been created here. At the same time, the building meets all the necessary requirements for productive, safe and comfortable remote work.

ArchitectsHello Wood
ImagesZsuzsa Darab