Spectacular Classic Exterior Wall Decorations For House

A facade in a classic style is a whole field for creativity. Pilasters, cornices, window frames, brackets, columns and other decorative elements in the complex create a spectacular composition. Moreover, all these outdoor wall decorations for the home are quite diverse in terms of design. They can emphasize the laconic English style, modernist style, accentuate the luxurious Baroque or Renaissance.

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Let’s consider several examples of a successful combination of stucco decoration elements in country cottages.

Originally classic outdoor baroque home wall decorations

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Here the decor should correspond to the level of a real palace. The beauty and massiveness of stucco forms, an abundance of balusters, pilasters should emphasize the grandeur of the building.

outside wall decoration ideas

This style of facade design is characterized by rich patterns. The closer you look at them, the more elements and details you see. The decoration is quite expensive and is only suitable for large, elite mansions, as it will simply look out of place on a compact house.

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With its majesty, the decor should be symmetrical, emphasizing wealth and luxury. A large number of floristry, complex, curvilinear and rich forms are welcomed.

Sophisticated outdoor wall decorations for country or provence home

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This architecture is distinguished by a special romance, the atmosphere of a cozy and simple dwelling in a small town or village. At the same time, the external wall decor for the home in this direction is distinguished by special refinement and accuracy.

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Thin lines, harmony in details and modesty give the mood of being in a secluded family nest. Here pathos and excessive bombast are excluded. At the same time, the lines are harmoniously combined with the forms of living nature.

Stylish English Style Outdoor Wall Decorations for Home

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A fashionable classic house in the English style is conservatism and restraint of lines and decor. Here we see pronounced features of aristocracy. The walls are framed with neat cornices and moldings. The openings have an expressive, but not saturated frame with a minimum amount of detail.

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Outdoor wall decorations for the home reflect the restrained mentality of the British, their rationality. There are practically no meaningless decorative elements that emphasize chic and luxury. Everything looks neat, practical and holistic. At the same time, the decor stands out contrastingly against the background of the facade made of stone or brick in a natural color. Therefore, even the smallest details remain visible.