Brick Floor & Other Creative Design Solutions

Brick floor, towers with stairs, outdoor shower made of bricks, and other structures made of traditional materials in the design of a residential country house.

floor bricks design

Traditionally, brick is used for walling, decoration, supporting structures, and partitions. But the scope of this building material was much broader. One of the most creative decisions of architects is a brick floor. The unusual format of using this building material allows to achieve uniqueness of space. As a rule, brick floors are made on terraces, in gazebos, outdoor recreation areas.

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Consider a project example of how interesting and tasteful brick can be involved not only on the floor but also in other structures.

Brick paver flooring – as the main element of a home design project

Jeremy Steere Architect proposed using the brick floor on the terrace, realizing the idea in the design of a country house in South Africa. Country-style housing is almost finished – only in some rooms are the walls covered with fine materials.

red brick floor

This creates a special rustic charm and unique atmosphere. It just turned out to complement it with brick floors on open terraces.

Robust brick structures

The house itself is built on the principle of a tower – space is more delimited vertically than horizontally. Spiral staircases are installed here, and residential areas are located one above the other.

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The main material for the construction of the towers was brick. To visually distinguish between a brick floor and vertical structures made of the same material, architects used different colors and different textures. The walls are built of traditional red brick, and the horizontal surfaces are lined with darker, burgundy, or almost black material. Such a visual distinction made it possible to distinguish a house and emphasize it.

red brick floor tile

At the highest level, above the bedrooms on the second floor, there is also a bricked terrace. It offers views of the green areas and the Indian Ocean.

The spiral brick staircase is an addition to the overall picture

Adhering to the general trend of using brick floors and walls, architects applied the same material to the construction of the spiral staircase. Unlike traditional masonry, bricks are stacked at intervals.

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This not only provides an interesting appearance to the column but also has an important practical function – the steps to the second floor are illuminated by daylight.

Additional brick structures

One of the most important among them was the summer shower. It is a columnar structure that replaces an open-air shower. Brick borders were made. Brick walls and partitions without decoration were also widely used in the interior. Together, all this forms a stylish modern rural house that is suitable for seasonal living away from civilization.

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Thus, the brick floor has become only one of the key elements of the presented country house. Jeremy Steere Architect showed how diverse this simple, traditional building material can be in architecture. Here he became a tool for the implementation of creative and practical ideas.