29+ New Painted Brick House Ideas For Your Exterior

If you’ve decided to update the look of your brick home’s exterior, choosing a paint color can be a daunting task. It is very often difficult to imagine what the entire facade of painted brick in a specific color will look like in the end. How can the color you choose match the color of the roof? Will your exterior’s new color please you or will this idea turn into an endless number of repaints? We hope that our brick house color schemes will help in choosing the best color for your preferences.

White exterior brick paint color ideas: Choose the best color to paint brick house

One of the best colors to paint a brick house is of course white and all shades of grey. These colors are the most common exterior colors for modern homes. By applying white exterior brick paint ideas when restoring the facade of your house, you can be 90% sure that the work done will not disappoint you. White and gray colors are ideally combined with almost any color of the roof, decorative exterior trim, or plinth cladding color. The brick exterior in these colors looks most impressive in combination with a darker facade decor and a dark roof.

Red brick home exterior ideas for your best choice

Red color, of course for brave people! The brightness, originality, and uniqueness of your brick house are provided. The red color of painting the brick exterior will provide 100% originality to your home. White red brick house trim color ideas will add even more character after the exterior restoration. The universal solution for the color of the roof in this case is dark shades of different colors.

Yellow brick house color ideas for the best exterior

The main range of yellow colors for painting the exterior of a brick house looks less defiant than red, of course. But by applying a more saturated hue, you can achieve the same contrast in the overall visual perception of the house. With the yellow color of the brick wall of the house, both light and darker decorative finishes are equally well combined. Also, these painted brick home ideas will be much easier for you to combine with various roof colors, both light, and dark.

Blue exterior house color ideas with brick and shutters

Blue and cyan are considered cold colors. But look how it looks with white decorative cladding! Great brick house exterior ideas. Due to the depth and brightness of the blue color of your brick house, you can easily choose the degree of expressiveness and extravagance of the exterior. The blue color of the brick facade is considered one of the classic colors.

Green exterior brick wall painting ideas for brightness

Another bright color for painting a brick house exterior is green. Deep green is one of the classic options for a brick house exterior paint ideas. Combining this color with a variety of roof colors and decorative finishes, you can achieve the ideal that will delight you and your friends.