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Steep Polished Concrete Design

The simplest design of this house made it possible to reveal all the advantages of modern polished concrete in construction. The whole essence of the design is a U-shaped concrete frame with continuous glazing of the entire residential part.

polished concrete design
Architects: LORENZATELIERS / Photographs :Martin Steinkellner


The second main structural material, along with polished concrete, is steel structures. On which all the glazing is mounted.

The addition of natural materials, such as wood, allows you to significantly dilute the industrialism of the design.

Behind the general simplicity of the structure of the house, careful calculations of the loads and joints of materials of different natures are hidden. Also, let’s not forget that polished concrete surfaces require careful treatment with special protective solutions.

Bare polished concrete combined with natural materials like wood creates the best industrial design for your home.




Modern design in polished concrete allows you to make any design decision and achieve the impression you deserve in your home!

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