Black Concrete / Modern Solution in Architecture and Design

How and where to use black concrete in the construction of private houses on the example of a project with a photo. Features of black concrete with a photo and description.

black oxide concrete

Contrast is one of the main techniques in the construction and design of ultra-modern houses. With it, you can select an object, focus on one or another part of the building, achieve spectacular effect, zoning the space. Black concrete has become a tool for such tasks. It is a pigmented building material, which is quite rare – it is an opportunity to make the house unique in terms of design.

black dyed concrete

Black color pulls the building out of light, natural tones – it looks urbanized, spectacular and contrasting.

black stained concrete in the natural environment

Deep black color is not common in wildlife, and any object in this tone will look expressive and clear. To achieve this effect, architects use black concrete. Building material itself reflects the strength and reliability of the structure. Due to the special texture of black concrete, the surface stands out against the background of the natural landscape, but at the same time harmonizes with it. Thanks to the black version, the effect is enhanced.

black concrete color

The rough aesthetics of forms has become a trend in homebuilding. Due to the black color, they can be made even more rigorous, contrasting and spectacular. Along with straightforwardness, a rich dark tone affects the expressiveness of the house. The effect is created due to the fact that in nature smooth lines prevail in soft, bright colors.

black on concrete

black stamped concrete – exclusive solution for a modern home

Black concrete looks especially advantageous and effective together with light, plain tones in the decoration of the building. Against the background of white, beige, brown, milk color, dark concrete structures look even more contrast. This technique is used in modern buildings in the styles of hi-tech, minimalism, loft.

black cement concrete

The play of colors and textures here has several meanings:

  • emphasis on key elements;
  • interior and exterior decor;
  • zoning of space and building levels.

Black concrete looks stylish and noble, therefore it is especially suitable for expensive cottages in modern styles. This material successfully combines with natural stone, wood, glass.

Black Concrete
photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Modern designers are chasing exclusivity. Black concrete is not the building material that we are used to seeing in everyday house building. It is relevant for those who prefer eccentricity, strive to stand out. The example of the project shows that concrete in an unusual dark color makes even a simple modern building unique – almost an object of art.

Black Concrete
photo, design, ideas, plan, layout, facade, exterior, interior, landscape, courtyard, decoration, cladding

Pigmentation of concrete does not affect the deterioration of its operational characteristics, including strength, frost resistance. Color here has an exclusively aesthetic function. Black concrete is not inferior to the traditional material in durability and endurance. It is suitable for monolithic construction – such technology was used in the presented project.