Tiny House on the Water: Romance Corner

What if you were offered to live not by the lake, but directly on it? A tiny house on the water, installed on a pontoon, will give you a unique vacation in the middle of a reservoir in comfortable conditions. This is a conceptual project of the architectural bureau BIO-architects, implemented in Russia.

tiny house on water

The natural conditions of this country demanded to make the house warm and resistant to adverse circumstances – winds, frost. As a result, housing is 16 sq. m received warm walls made of polyurethane foam insulation. And inside there is even a place for a stove. But besides this, the object received other features.

The mobility of a tiny house on the water

Imagine you have a house that floats like a boat. Due to this feature, you can always swim to the most beautiful place in the reservoir. Meet the sunrise on one side of the lake, and spend the sunset on the opposite.

tiny house on water

You can also move the house without the involvement of builders. It is lifted by a crane onto a truck and can be transported anywhere. It is not necessary to disassemble the structure.

Complete autonomy of a tiny house on the water

You will not live here as in a tent – without water and light. All engineering is thought over, and for this, you don’t even need to install a diesel generator or other equipment. The power supply is provided by solar panels. Water is supplied directly from the lake, passing through several stages of purification.

tiny house on water

You have at your disposal a comfortable toilet, a comfortable bedroom with a double bed, a fully functional kitchen, and heating. The house does not depend on any systems on the shore but is fully supplied from renewable sources.

Effectiveness and comfort of a tiny house on the water

The architects made sure that the house becomes a quiet, romantic hideaway for a young couple or one person.

tiny house on water

There is a large panoramic window covering the entire front wall of the building. You can enjoy all the beauty of natural landscapes right in the middle of a reservoir or in a secluded place under willows, and go fishing literally from your bed.

tiny house on water

The beauty of a tiny house on the water is that, with its concept, it is worked out to the smallest detail and cannot be operated completely independently of the outside world. Moreover, you can always transport it to an interesting place for you.

ImagesVlad Mitrichev