Ultramodern & Beautiful Glass Houses

Fascinating floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows have become the main tool for creating an open, bright space. Today, the owners of country cottages strive to be as close as possible to wildlife. In this regard, beautiful glass houses are gaining special popularity, allowing you to practically contact the landscape, simply relaxing on the sofa in the living room or preparing dinner in the kitchen.

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The glass house is an ultra-modern solution that provides lightness, openness, and comfort. Architecture moves away from spaces with traditional closed walls and evolves into residential spaces without clear boundaries between outside and inside. Glass has become a tool for realizing this concept.

Outdoor rectangular beautiful glass house

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This is a stylish, lightweight extension to a classic brick house. The object clearly shows a sharp transition from traditional architecture to ultra-modern solutions.

The beautiful glass house embodies the rationality and openness of living spaces. Residents are in direct contact with the external environment. The atmosphere in the house is not created so much by the interior as by the greenery behind the transparent glass walls. It seems that you are in a greenhouse or garden, and not in your own living room.

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Ecology, fresh air, lots of light and a cozy, quiet atmosphere have become the dominant characteristics of housing.

Mt Stuart Greenhouse

ArchitectsBence Mulcahy
ImagesAdam Gibson

Beautiful glass house with pool

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The object is made in the form of a living volume hovering in the air, bounded by glass walls. The main advantage of this project is in panoramic views from social areas and close contact of the living space with the adjacent territory. Straight from the sofa in the room, you get a view as good as from the outdoor terrace by the pool.

In general, the living space looks like part of a recreation area by the pool, in close contact with the landscape. Due to its location on a hill, this point offers breathtaking panoramas of valleys, mountains, forests. Architects and designers took full advantage of this opportunity and created a beautiful glass house.

You can just admire the landscapes, sunsets, starry, sunny skies, green meadows from the window. Moreover, the view opens up to 360 degrees. This is an impressive decision.

House in the Vineyards

ArchitectsAlexander Janowsky Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten
ImagesMarc Lins

Fashionable, ultra-modern house made of glass and concrete

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Glass walls look especially impressive with creative broken shapes, concrete structures and unusual solutions in the context of the configuration of the house. The building is being transformed into an object of contemporary art.

At the same time, due to the large amount of glass, it is quite comfortable, lightweight, open. Reinforced concrete structures are visually lightened against the background of glass, but at the same time they symbolize strength and reliability. Here glass and concrete complement each other, compensating for the shortcomings of one thing.

Ultramodern beautiful glass houses are aesthetics, showiness and neatness. Even the massive construction seems incredibly light. And the main message of such solutions is the ability to enjoy panoramas outside the windows and feel the atmosphere of wildlife directly in the house.

Levo’s House

ArchitectsClinton Murray Architects
ImagesPeter Bennetts