3 Reasons to Build an Unusual House on Difficult Terrain / Amilu Farmhouse

Sometimes the originality of a house is due not only to the desire to build original housing, but also to the conditions in which it is being built. A non-standard landscape hides several reasons at once why it is worth abandoning typical architecture and building a creative object. The architectural bureau F: L Architetti presented such an unusual house on a difficult terrain. The construction and configuration of the house here was created for the locality.

unusual house on difficult terrain

Let’s consider 3 reasons that led to a non-standard approach on the part of architects.

The ability to build a house into a hill

For an experienced architect, a mound on a construction site is not an obstacle to be bulldozed, but a chance to implement a conceptual idea. An unusual house on difficult terrain turned out to be built into the mountain. On the one hand, this was reflected in the originality of the architecture and functionality of the building. On the other hand, it provided privacy from the side of the hill, since the built-in building remains almost invisible at the confluence with the relief.

unusual house on difficult terrain

When building a house according to a standard design, the area would have to be leveled. This is a big investment of time and money – therefore, it is not as convenient as adapting the building to the site’s characteristics.

unusual house on difficult terrain

A chance to achieve spectacular views

An unusual house on a difficult terrain is located on a hill. From one side of the house, the view goes to the mountain, and from the arc – extends for kilometers of adjacent territories away from the site. An experienced architect will definitely take advantage of this advantage – he will equip panoramic glazing from the view side, provide a terrace, a swimming pool.

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unusual house on difficult terrain

The panorama here will be at the level of the view from the penthouse, but in this case, nature opens up in front of you, not the city – which is many times more spectacular in the daytime. You can admire the views from a height of tens, or even hundreds of meters, sunbathing on the terrace, or swimming in the pool.

unusual house on difficult terrain

Privacy and remoteness from neighbors

Unusual landscape is more often seen as problematic in the context of construction. Therefore, it is more likely to build a cottage in almost complete surroundings of nature. There will be no dense buildings near you, and there is little likelihood that someone else will be built nearby in the future. All the surrounding natural beauty is only at your disposal.

unusual house on difficult terrain

An unusual house on difficult terrain is not a verdict in the context of the complexity of construction, but on the contrary, an opportunity to realize what could not have been done on any other site. The cottage project from F: L Architetti proves that the problematic nature of the landscape can always be played to your advantage.

ArchitectsF:L Architetti
PhotoAlessandro ImodaBeppe Giardino