Sustainable White Home Design Ideas in Tropical Modern Style

Spectacular, spacious, luxurious mansion in tropical modern style is hidden among dense vegetation, and you can only catch a glimpse of it. The object is not put on display but is built in a secluded area closed from external access. The idea of ​​a white house is based on high-quality access to fresh air for its circulation in spaces. For this purpose, openings and passages are planned in the building, providing contact with wildlife. The design includes space for the courtyard, due to which the penetration of air flows into the living spaces is as efficient as possible.

Sustainable White Home Design Ideas

The house consists of clusters, each of which has a particular purpose. The spaces are in close contact with each other and at the same ti, each of them has clear boundaries. Although from the outside the building seems quite modest, getting inside we see spacious, luxurious rooms that are closely connected with the environment.

Luxury white home design ideas among the tropics

The central element of the first floor was the courtyard, where the vectors from all the spaces on the lower level converge. Through the glass skylight, the maximum amount of daylight enters here, due to which the atrium becomes the most expressive object.

Nearby are spacious social areas where residents spend time together in the morning and at the end of the day. The atmosphere is filled with a calm atmosphere, which is emphasized by the harmony of white walls and lush tropical greenery. A small amount of natural wood was used for accents in the spaces. Textured elements with woody patterns do not go unnoticed.

Modern white home design ideas also involve close contact of spaces with the environment. At the same time, this trend can be traced not only on the ground floor, which is located directly on the site but also on the upper level with bedrooms where private rooms are made out onto the terraces. The latter is located on the exploited roof of the first floor. Close contact of living space with the outside world is maintained.

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Eco-friendly and energy-efficient white home design ideas

Natural, harmless to humans and the environment materials were used in the construction of the building, the cladding of surfaces. Opening louvered hatches installed in the ceiling at an anglensuresre efficient removal of heated air.

Openness from different sides of the building guarantees non-stop circulation of air masses. This configuration contributes to the maintenance of a pleasant microclimate, freshness, and, coolness even without the use of climate technology.

Due to the interaction of spaces and landscape, rooms receive coolness and freshness from living plants. At the same time, the house itself is built in such a way as to minimize interference with the tropical landscape, while maintaining its color, comfort, and richness. This white home design ideas are to achieve luxury, comfort, and economy of housing, making it as hidden as possible from visual access from the outside.

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