Wood Wall Cladding ~ TOP-5 Facts that will make you choose a natural finish

If you want to build a cozy house in the middle of the forest, then for the decoration of the facade and interior, choose only natural materials. The natural texture of the bars will allow you to merge into the surrounding landscape and complement it with its attractiveness. Despite the many finishing methods, wooden wall cladding always remains a classic trend in architecture and design. Here are the main counter-facts in favor of such a decision using the Sooke project as an example.

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Деревянная Облицовка Стен фото
наружных стен
внутренних стен

wood effect cladding – uniqueness of material

No type of facing material can boast the originality of its natural coating. Each wooden board is a unique texture, a drawing created by nature. Correctly arranged boards on the facade of the house are intertwined with shades: from light brown to a rough, almost black color. The internal design is also based on the alternation of the texture of the coating.

wood panelling exterior

wooden cladding for exterior walls – durability

The material is one of the most wear-resistant, which ensures a long period of operation of the coating. Additional antiseptic treatment with special agents will further extend the service life. The lining of the Canadian tree house is selected after a thorough study of all the features of the material.

pallet wood cladding

internal wood cladding – environmental

Wood is the safest and most environmentally friendly material for interior and exterior decoration. The coating perfectly improves the microclimate, does not absorb odors, fills the space with freshness. The mistress of the Canadian house is a connoisseur of everything natural and safe. That is why she chose such a special area, wooden finishes. In addition, a woman with a dog lives in the house.

timber wall panels interior

indoor wood cladding – specifications

This item should include heat and sound insulation, moisture resistance. Wood panels are resistant to moisture, temperature changes, which is typical for woodland. The material provides vapor permeability of the walls, as a result of which condensate does not accumulate.

interior timber cladding
internal timber cladding

timber wall cladding exterior – opportunity to experiment

Millions of projects have been created by architects and designers, where there is a wooden wall cladding. Gradually they move away from the usual forms of housing, giving them more curved, broken, asymmetrical lines.

exterior wood panel cladding
exterior wood cladding systems

The hilltop house offers wonderful views of the ocean, pine expanses. In this tandem of beauty, architects have added the modernity of a private building. Protruding side walls are found in the deep central part of the house. Finishing the facade with wood made it possible to better emphasize the connection with nature, and the slightly skewed laying of the panels was ideally suited for a rustic way of housing. The dark texture of the wooden beams alternates with large windows, glazed doors, so as not to turn the housing into a gloomy building.

interior timber wall cladding
interior wall cladding wood

The outer part of the house goes into a respectable eco-friendly interior. Ceilings, furniture, walls are trimmed with narrow panels, which make the rooms more free, spacious. The project from Campos Studio clearly makes it clear that the wooden wall cladding in its modern design is fashionable, attractive, and unusual in its design.

internal timber wall cladding
wooden wall cladding designs
Architects Campos Studio
Photo Ema Pete


An elegant and restrained relationship between the exterior and interior of the house will provide a wall cladding with wood. For any architectural style, you can choose a wooden cladding or design details from wood. A variety of wood species and many options for wooden finishes give a wide field for the embodiment of the most daring ideas.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

wood cladding house – methods of wall cladding with wood

Of the many methods of wooden wall decoration, the most suitable should be selected based on the architectural concept and the wishes of the residents of the house. Before you give preference to a lining, a whole board, a laminate, a parquet board, veneered or carved panels, it is necessary to evaluate all the pros and cons of each option and the construction budget.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house
wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

The unity of the home and the environment is designed to ensure the wooden finish of the exterior walls in a natural shade. In combination with limestone of local origin, cedar siding emphasizes a strong relationship with the natural landscape.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

Wooden lamellas along with aesthetics and environmental friendliness have lightness, durability and reliability. They create a unique design and give the surfaces a gentle and unforgettable touch. In combination with the natural beauty of the environment, this forms a comfortable zone for rest and relaxation.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

Particular warmth blows from the wooden facade of the building in the evening light, when in soft twilight the building is reflected in the waters of the pond.

The location of the architectural ensemble near natural or artificial reservoirs increases the air humidity outside and inside the house. Therefore, to extend the life of wooden parts, surface treatment with special impregnations should be used to protect them from destruction and decay.

timber cladding house – an effective way of uniting the appearance and interior

Combine the external and internal space of the house not only with modern sculptural creations, but also with the use of similar building materials. White oak, cedar siding in combination with limestone and glass are interior solutions that continue the general architectural concept.

The calm and friendly atmosphere in all rooms is created thanks to the soft palette of wall and furniture finishes. The sunny tones of wooden surfaces, combined with the abundance of natural light penetrating through panoramic windows, are conducive to creativity and learning something new.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

Using original design solutions, wooden wall decoration will help create comfortable niches, shelves and cabinets. This saves living space and gives the interior a special original charm.

wood cladding in the project of a large one-story house

When facing the walls with wood, bright interior details will dilute the wooden monotony, breathe life and new experiences into every room of the house.

ArchitectsCLB Architects
PhotoMatthew Millman Photography


The interpretation of traditional materials and technologies for cutting-edge styles has become one of the trendy ideas of architects and designers. Fabrizio Pugliese has presented a chalet project for a family with two children, in which innovative solutions are closely intertwined with familiar forms and materials. Cladding the walls with clapboard allowed to achieve the traditional comfort and coziness of suburban housing in the house. But at the same time, the interior turned out to be fashionable, environmentally friendly and spectacular in accordance with the latest trends.


Let us consider in more detail the features of wall cladding with wooden lining in this compact chalet with an area of 90 sq.m.


interior timber cladding – environmental friendliness is a priority

The naturalness and safety of wall cladding lining fully meets the needs of modern residents. Larch creates a special natural and everyday flavor in the premises. Wood itself will look pretty simple, but due to open space, zoning and a modern housing configuration, this solution looks expensive and representative.


All the main surfaces in the chalet are finished with natural wood – this is the main requirement for the cottage in the presented style. It turned out to emphasize the naturalness of space due to the fact that the lining here played a key role in the design. Moreover, it also performs a functional role:

  • provides a pleasant microlimate;
  • practical and durable designs;
  • pleasant tactile qualities of surfaces;
  • wear resistance and resistance against mechanical damage.

All these qualities have become necessary for the family, especially due to the fact that children will also live in the house.


striking wall cladding design in a minimalist interior

Wooden surfaces have become a space design tool. They helped to contrast the functional zones, visually distinguish the living space and add aesthetics chalets without additional decor.


Lining is effectively combined with minimalism and hi-tech. In ultramodern directions, emphasis is placed on manufacturability. The tree, due to its simplicity and naturalness, provides a balance between innovative solutions and traditional housing. Reinforced concrete surfaces, partially left without decoration, helped to add modernity and originality to the interior of the cottage.


Clapboard not just covered the walls. It was also used in built-in furniture, on the ceilings. In sliding structures separating the private and social space in the house.


Thus, cladding the walls with clapboard is a modern, fashionable solution for spacious eco-friendly interiors. When used in an open, zoned space, larch looks a little different than in a small country house. Here she adds housing to representativeness, emphasizes environmental friendliness and helps visually play with space.

ArchitectsFabrizio Pugliese 
PhotoFederico Kulekdjian