3+ Courtyard Planting Ideas in Minimalism

Minimalism requires conciseness, straightforwardness, and practicality. But at the same time, the space should not be empty, boring and gray. This rule applies to the design of both the interior and the exterior, the local area. Modern ideas for landscaping the yard in a minimalist style provide for the metered use of plants, their competent, rational arrangement and an emphasis on functionality.

courtyard garden design

There should be little greenery, but it is important to use it to achieve comfort, to emphasize the environmental friendliness of the area around the house. Several examples of this design will help form the correct idea of landscaping a site in a modern style.

Lawn in courtyard planting

courtyard garden design ideas

Smooth mowed lawns become a real decoration of the territory, add freshness to the atmosphere. The grass looks harmoniously with the pool and terraces in a modern style. At the same time, you do not need to decorate lawns with sculptures, make complex shapes and structures, add flower beds. Just a natural green carpet will be a good element in planting the yard.

beautiful courtyard gardens

A small number of low, but dense shrubs along the perimeter, in the places where the lawn adjoins the buildings, provides the expressiveness of the green part of the territory and creates a smooth transition. You can fence off a minimalist lawn area with a hedge. So the yard will look rich, fresh and green.

Accents with plants in courtyard planting

modern courtyard gardens

On a site in a minimalist style, you can also use tall, massive trees, bushes. But you don’t need to make a lush garden with an abundance of varied plant species. Add some trees for accents, highlight and spice up the pool area, or dilute the void with a couple of bushes. This will be enough.

small courtyard garden designs

Pay attention to the practical value of the plantings. Perhaps the tree will become comfortable in one place or another to create a cozy atmosphere, shade in the recreation area, etc. It is important to consider that in minimalism, each element should have a functional purpose, and not just for beauty.

Planting of the yard for the purpose of zoning

tropical courtyard garden

Live plants on the territory help to delineate functional areas. With the help of them, it is possible to separate the terrace from the rest of the courtyard, make it more secluded and private. Using small curb bushes, you can select passages, paths. Plants should be neat, compact and not clutter up the space.

cottage courtyard garden ideas

Particularly impressive is the decision to use landscaping to play up the pool. Plantings will help to make it private from the open side. The project presents a creative and bold solution – a palm tree directly in the pool. Such ideas for landscaping the courtyard make the space unusually effective, highlight the zones, increase their comfort and privacy.