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ArtFacade » 111+ Exterior Window Trim Kits Design Ideas

111+ Exterior Window Trim Kits Design Ideas

Do you need decorative exterior window trim? Have a lot of technical questions related to the installation of window framing and slopes? Here you will find answers to all questions about outside window border design, windows casing, and moldings!





Today, in all spheres of human activity, there is a process of compiling the modern with the classics. This is primarily simplification, practicality, and simpler lines in the human environment. Our modern window trim ideas will help you to harmoniously combine classic design with current trends in architecture.




The first thing that interests you when decorating the facade of a house with decor is the design of openings. Window and door openings create the main visual image of the facade. The discrepancy between the proportions of the area of the windows and the area of the walls always makes a depressing impression. Too narrow or too wide windows are easily transformed by various architectural techniques into a work of art.



Combining several windows with foam plastic facade decor into a single composition ibythe general concept of the exterior decoration of the facade of a house is one of the few techniques for decorating window openings. If you need a window design outside – below on the page you can see a number of ready-made solutions – examples of finishing window openings by which you can easily decide on your own design preferences.

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When you design an opening at home, the customer often has a lot of technical issues associated with installing, joining, and installing the window decor elements. We offer more than 100 exterior window trim kits by which you can count your windows and place an order. The first and most basic question is what material is best used for decorative window decoration from the outside. Our façade products made of foam plastic have proved their practicality, lightness, aesthetics, durability, and the most basic – the best price-quality ratio for many years.

Window Stucco Trim

Therefore, polystyrene foam polystyrene is the best material for decorating windows with decor. In the examples below, you can also see the significant difference between finishing the windows with your own hands (manually) and manufacturing in the production conditions of foam products.

Stucco Foam Window Trim

Surely you saw a lot of houses with rectangular frames around the windows – this is the simplest and cheapest way to decorate the house opening. But this design of the window does not go in any comparison with our figurative elements of the window decor.

Foam Exterior Window Trim

The second main question on the decorative finishing of windows is at what stage of insulation is the installation of facade elements. And also if the facade is faced with tiles or in facing brick. Our architectural elements are light in themselves, so there is no need to leave a mounting place for them without a heater, to produce additional mounting reinforcements, etc.

Images of window trim

Therefore, the facade decor of foam plastic on the opening of the window is mounted on the rough screed of the insulation until the finish of the walls. If the exterior walls are made of facing bricks or tiles, the decor elements are mounted on top of them.

Stucco mouldings exterior

And the third major question when facing the windows is the installation, joints, pruning, and slopes. What to do with the oktas of the window opening on the facade, how does the decor of the window with the slope trim fit together, how are the window and the escarpment mounted together, and what glues are used for the installation of the window facade decoration, where to take the scheme of mounting the lock stone on the window facade, how to join the arch window decor with direct elements when metal is put on the windowsill in the presence of decor, how do the decorative details of the window frame join together? For all these questions, you can get answers on this page of our site. Or by contacting us in any convenient way.

Exterior stucco foam window trim

The first thing that interests me when decorating the facade of a house with decor is the design of openings. Window and door openings create the main visual image of the facade. The discrepancy between the proportions of the area of ​​windows and the area of ​​the walls always produces a depressing impression.

Stucco moulding exterior

Too narrow or too wide windows easily turn different architectural methods into a work of art. The combination of several windows with a facade decoration of foam plastic into a single composition in accordance with the general concept of the exterior decoration of the building’s facade is one of the few ways to decorate window openings. If you need a design of windows from the outside – below on the page you can see a number of ready-made solutions – examples of finishing window openings for which you can easily decide on your own preferences in design.

In the design of the window opening outside the house, such elements of the facade decoration are used:

  • window molding
  • decorative window sill
  • top of the window
  • front brackets
  • castle stone

In the figures below, the technical aspects of the matching of the window decor with the escutcheons are displayed. You can see 2 options for decorating the window: molding around the perimeter of the window and a combination of molding and a window sill.

Window trim ideas modern

The illustrations clearly show that the decorative element is mounted over the end face of the slat. so please pay attention to the ebb – the sill cover – it should cover the sloping part and the decorative element itself. Therefore, if you are planning any architectural elements on the facade – do not rush to order ebbs on the windowsill.

Outdoor house trim ideas

They are mounted after the installation of the decor of the facade of the house. The slatted slats can be produced both by installers in the course of insulation and ordered in the form of finished products from us. We produce slopes of the depth necessary for a particular object. The thickness of the slope is usually 3 cm at the window frame and 2 cm at the wall.

Window surround ideas

Separately, we would like to propose an option for decorating the opening with a decorative element located on the slope. In the photo below we have shown, as an example, the application of profile No. 1160 with section dimensions of 15×15 cm. The decorative cornice is mounted on the wall without a heater, and the insulation does not reach the edge of the slope by the size of the profile (in our example it is 15 cm).

Window casing trim ideas

Below are the photos of the examples, we showed an effective and at the same time practical window decoration on the façade with the solution to the slope issue. The decorative element itself is in this case a slope. Two goals are achieved: a reduction in the cost of finishing the windows when the facade is insulated and a radically different appearance of the window compared to the usual application of molding along the edge of the slope. At such furnish of a window, the heater does not reach the edge of the window slope by the distance of the applied decorative element.

Mould around window frame

The reinforcing mesh of the wall insulation is left with an output of 15-20 cm. Then, when installing the decor, the mesh element goes along the front part of the insulation. In the examples below, the entire decorative effect is achieved by the depth of the wall insulation – the architectural decor itself protrudes from the edge of the wall by 3-5 cm.

Mold around window frame

This option of finishing the window slope can be attributed to a more modern style of the facade design at home – to some extent modern. The effect of minimalism is achieved: a minimum of decor – a maximum of visual impression. If you are worried about the filthy protruding parts of the facade decoration, our proposal will also solve this problem.

Window crown molding ideas

Such a design of the window opening advantageously differs from the usual application of facade molding along the edge of the slope by creating a larger volume and relief with a smaller indentation of the decor from the wall.

TYPE 1 ~ For your outside window border design

The window border design is an important parameter that allows not only to make windows more durable but also more aesthetic for others. Decorative decoration of windows from the outside is capable of giving the whole building a finished and original appearance.

Mould Around Windows

An important fact: with the help of high-quality window covering it is possible to significantly compensate for heat loss, which is especially important during the heating season. Also, the finish excludes the appearance of fungus, mold, the development of humidity in the window area, and the reduction of atmospheric pressure in the room. The aesthetic need for creating a stylish exterior of the building is a great chance to change the look of plastic windows.

TYPE 1-1: Molding Around Windows

If you have just installed new windows, then do not delay with the finishing works. Under the influence of the environment, the mounting foam dries quickly, the openings remain completely leaky. In addition, it is rather unaesthetic.

TYPE 1-2: Casing Around Windows

Today there is a huge variety of finishing materials, which will be tailored to the individual needs of the user. For each exterior, it is possible to find the optimal solution. Possible variants of carrying out facing works:

TYPE 1-3: Exterior Casing Around Windows
  • With plaster.
  • Use of sandwich panels.
  • Finishing plasterboard.
  • Registration with metal plates.
  • Facing with wood.
  • Use of natural or artificial stone.
  • Application of plastic panels.
TYPE 1-4: Frame Around Windows Moulding

It is possible to use synthetic tiles for natural stone, as well as for natural breeds, which are available in a wide variety. This material will create an unusually stylish and noble design for the building. Ceramic granite, clicker tiles, pebbles, and other types of stone are used today in the decorative decoration of windows externally. A stone can be glued on the same technology as a conventional tile, so you will not have any difficulties.

To give the windows an aesthetic, neat appearance, you can simply align the slopes, and repair cracks, and various cracks in the openings. This will protect the mounting foam from damage, which is the basis for installing double-glazed windows. This option is the most economical and practical. To improve the appearance of the building, it is possible to use colored, non-uniform compositions.

The decorative design of the windows on the outside with stucco molding is a modern trend. Gypsum, concrete, expanded polystyrene, and polyurethane foam – these materials are not only very durable and reliable but also create a perfectly flat surface. Glue these blanks with an adhesive solution.

TYPE 2 ~ From our windows casing ideas

Windows – a mirror in the world of home comfort, and decor. The appearance of the window can tell a lot about the owner of the house, about his taste preferences and sense of style. Agree, it is much more pleasant to go along the street and consider the original design of windows, rather than faceless double-glazed windows. Explore our windows casing ideas for inspiration

Exterior Window Trim Styles

If you are going to design windows from the outside in a design version – this article is created specifically for you.

TYPE 2-1: Outside Window Trim Styles
  • Use of acrylic façade plaster, plaster with mineral composition.
  • Galvanized, metal-coated plates protected by anti-corrosion paint. Slopes of metal today are actively used in almost all homes.
  • Design using PVC (PVC) – plastic inserts, which are very practical and versatile.
  • The use of wooden platbands is a traditional format that is used on wooden houses. There are original carved elements and more concise options.
  • The use of natural or artificial stone, and tiles – gives the house nobility, status, and originality.
  • The modern design of windows is inclined towards economical, reliable, and, at the same time, aesthetic materials. Many users choose a design that does not require large investments and time.
TYPE 2-2: Exterior Window Trim Craftsman Style

The facade, decorated with elements of polyurethane, will look no worse than expensive, decorated with natural stone, and gypsum. You have the opportunity to choose such elements for decorating the windows from the outside:

TYPE 2-3: Craftsman Exterior Window Trim Styles
  • Sandriki in a wide range of sizes.
  • Simulation of arches in great variation.
  • Use of false doors, and various wall panels.
  • Polyurethane moldings.
  • Decor in the clypeus format is used to decorate the windows on both sides and top. It is important to remember that the decorative elements are selected strictly under the exterior of the building to make it more aesthetic.
TYPE 2-4: Ranch Style Window Casing

Today, the trims in Greek and Roman style have become very popular. This will give the house a larger scope, and make it elegant and luxurious. For houses in the classical design should be selected decor with relief protrusions. Stylishly look not only white platbands but also painted in a different color. Columns and pilasters will definitely transform the building into something noble, and exquisite.

The use of profile plastic panels will perfectly fit into the framework of an economical budget. The disadvantage is the low level of aesthetics after the performance of the cladding works. As for the wooden elements, today they are quite exclusive and rare. If you want to make a house in the style of a traditional hut, and show folklore – then this design will definitely suit you!

TYPE 3 ~ A collection of our window molding ideas

The accomplishment of slopes is the main goal for which the external lining of window systems is performed. Such work is able to give the exterior of the building an aesthetic appearance, to make it more secure from external factors. Practically all specialists speak about the importance of making the facing of windows. Our collection of window molding ideas will help you with this.

Window Molding Ideas

This procedure 100% protects the mounting foam from destruction under the influence of aggressive light, moisture, and pressure. It is the basis for the fastening of the window, so it is important to preserve its original qualities.

TYPE 3-1: Exterior Window Ideas
  • Protective factor. In the seams, cracks that form with time, moisture, cold, mold, and fungus can easily penetrate. It is important to prevent a negative impact on the environment.
  • Protects the mounting foam from negative influence from the street.
  • Creating an aesthetic appearance. The window and its area around the perimeter become neat, and harmonious with the rest of the building’s design.
TYPE 3-2: Modern Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Therefore, it is important to perform the facing of the window as soon as it is installed. Today, there is a wide variety of materials that will satisfy the needs of each user. You can find very harmonious formats that fit into the exterior of your building. Economical options are also available that fit within the budget.

TYPE 3-3: Exterior Window Molding Ideas
TYPE 3-4: Exterior Window Casing Ideas

Today, the most common and applicable in various areas of construction are:

  • Putty – this way of window lining is the most classic and common. Advantage – low cost, simplicity in performance of facing works. An important drawback – this format of work must be done periodically because of insufficient strength of the composition, and the formation of cracks.
  • Sandwich panel – two plastic sheets in the middle have soft polyurethane. This workpiece is very durable, easy to install, resistant to external influences, and has excellent thermal insulation. A high enough cost is some minus.
  • Sheet plastic panels – a standard format, which will fit into the glass. We recommend choosing it for modern, office buildings. This is a universal solution that combines laconic design and versatility.
  • Gypsum boards – are ideal for facing highly damaged surfaces. The material retains heat and has excellent rigidity. Disadvantage – you need to periodically paint the surface.
  • Wood is an excellent format for eco houses, houses in the traditional style. Naturalness, originality, high aesthetics – the advantages of the material. It is often used for cladding wooden houses.
  • Artificial, natural stone, tiles – have high strength, noble design. It is possible to choose an identical format for an artificial stone at a low price, which has a kind of natural rock.

TYPE 4 ~ Modern exterior window trim ideas to combine classic with modernity

The decoration of the windows on the facade of the building is a very important nuance that can fulfill both an aesthetic and a functional role. Framing for windows is directly connected with the exterior decoration of the facade. Combine classic with modern style with our modern exterior window trim ideas

Exterior Foam Window Molding

It is important to select identical materials for stylistics, which will harmoniously look at the common waste. Today, more and more property owners pay attention to foam. This material is considered to be economical, practical, and aesthetic after processing.

TYPE 4-1: Architectural Foam Window Trim

The framing of the windows of the facades will depend on the design of the building, and its exterior. The user has the opportunity to select a huge line of elements from the foam. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result after framing the windows with polystyrene foam. The aesthetic parameter of this material is in no way inferior to gypsum, natural stone. Polyfoam – an example of practicality, aesthetics, and saving your money

TYPE 4-2: Foam Trim Around Windows

Framing windows with foam plastic with your own hands will allow you to save a significant portion of the budget. Let’s name the main advantages of this finishing material:

  • Impeccable thermal insulation. You probably hear about warming the house with polystyrene. Also, the framing of the windows from the foam plastic reliably blocks the ingress of cold, and moisture into the room. This is especially true in the heating season.
  • A small weight of the material, ease of installation.
  • The material is able to securely attach to almost any surface of the wall.
  • Has a stylish appearance. The design of the foam plastic is very versatile – it can be simply processed, shaped, painted, or coated with other compounds. Such a frame will give the building solidity.
  • Price availability. Each user can afford to purchase a sufficient amount of material.
  • Indispensable for protecting the window from moisture, atmospheric pressure, temperature, fungus, and mold formation.
TYPE 4-3: Decorative Foam Molding

This material will be indispensable for aligning the unsuccessful surface of the building. It is possible to choose any thickness, angle, and texture of the material. Foam finishing in combination with plaster will create a sufficient decorative format. Do not combine the material with a brick, natural or artificial stone, on a vinyl siding. The most aesthetically pleated plastic foam looks on a monotonous surface.

TYPE 4-4: Foam House Trim

Practicality, lightness, durability – all these are advantages of facing foam plastic. It is able to effectively transform the exterior of the building, to give it a stylish and thoughtful design.

TYPE 5 ~ Outside window trim ideas to transform your exterior

Window decoration occupies an important stage in the design of the building as a whole. Agree that we often pay attention to the windows, passing through the building. Many are already familiar with the design of windows on the facade with the help of expanded polystyrene. Our outside window trim ideas will help transform your home’s exterior

Decorative Window Molding

Some believe that this material is not suitable for facade work, but we are ready to destroy this stereotype. The architecture of the building with the use of foam plastic is also able to look aesthetically pleasing, like natural stone and gypsum. You can get a similar effect without additionally overpaying – the first advantage of facing the window from the outside with polystyrene foam.

TYPE 5-1: Decorative Exterior Window Trim Ideas

In order to make the foam sheet more aesthetic and original, it needs to be processed. With the help of contour cutting, it is possible to achieve a relief shape of the material. After coating the foam with plaster it will be difficult to distinguish it, for example, from a column, a protrusion from a stone. Foam plastic covers are now available in a wide variety for window decoration on the facade. You can choose the format for an individual project of the building, taking into account the subtleties of the exterior. In the catalog of our company, everyone can find ready-made facade elements – from laconic and restrained to elegant and exclusive.

TYPE 5-2: Decorative Window Frame Exterior

The exterior design of windows with foam is a relatively young technology, which today is considered innovative. It’s hard to believe, but more and more large companies, establishments, luxurious mansions, and expensive apartments are outwardly decorated with elements of polystyrene foam. People understood the value of this material, due to its availability and practicality.

TYPE 5-3: Decorative Exterior Window Headers
TYPE 5-4: Decorative Window Framing

Finishing the windows from the outside with foam has the following advantages:

  • High performance, compared with other solid materials. The durability of the foam makes it possible to use it for many years.
  • Very little weight. Regardless of length, or volume, the material is practically weightless. At the same time, it has high density and flexibility. This greatly simplifies the installation work.
  • Resistance to moisture, atmospheric pressure, and temperature.
  • At a low weight, the material has sufficient hardness and strength.
  • Price availability. The user can afford to purchase a sufficient number of elements for the cladding.
  • Attractive appearance, a wide variety of sizes, and shapes.

TYPE 6 ~ Stucco window trim ideas for a beautiful facade

In the process of designing the facade of a building, it is important to consider the issue of decorating window openings. They will allocate the house from among the rest on the street, creating its appearance, and the impression of people passing by. Make your facade beautiful with our stucco window trim ideas

Window Surround Trim

The appearance of windows is able to give the exterior of the building not only originality but also make them more protected from the influence of external factors. An important stage, which should be taken into the mind – is the choice of quality material for the framing of window openings. Sit down and we begin!

TYPE 6-1 Pvc Window Surrounds

What window formatting should I choose? An unequivocal answer for all property owners simply does not exist – each material is individual. For example, for a house made of wood, it will be best to go with wood trim in a traditional style. A brick house is brickwork or metal plates. About everything in order:

TYPE 6-2 Stone Window Surrounds

They are able to give the building a natural style, a connection with nature, and a rustic charm. The most suitable is a frame for a country cottage or a house hut. Such material is rather expensive and is made strictly by order. A big plus is a very aesthetic format and a rich appearance.

TYPE 6-3 Brick Window Surrounds

Such a frame is available in a wide range of colors, so you can create some contrast with the main wall of the house. The brick should not protrude too much from the surface, so you need to select fairly thin elements. This cladding is economical, easy to install, and relatively simple in terms of design. Here we are talking about tiles, natural rocks, and artificial masonry. Framing windows with a stone should not be too massive, heaped up. It is worth considering such a format when the walls have a uniform surface. This is how you will achieve a harmonious style. The stone is capable of giving the house a very beautiful and rich format. Elements of limestone, shell rock, and pebbles are ideal for these purposes. Remember: the frame of stone must be chosen for strong walls, because of the severity of the material.

TYPE 6-4 Wooden Window Surrounds

Consider the additional profiles – they are assembled like a designer. They are easy and quick to install, and they have a stylish design. This cladding is very laconic, and simple. To convey the mood of a classic, elegant and aristocratic design. Window apertures in the design of gypsum columns, pilasters, and relief forms will make the building luxurious. Disadvantage – gypsum does not like the effect of moisture, and requires periodic restoration, due to the appearance of cracks. Stucco from these materials is very affordable in terms of budget. The window area will become quite beautiful and, at the same time, protected from the influence of cold, moisture, fungus, and mold.

TYPE 7 ~ Outdoor window trim ideas from the stucco manufacturer

Window decoration outside the house is an important procedure that allows you to create not only an aesthetic exterior but also protect it from external factors. Finishing materials must have excellent moisture resistance and low hygroscopicity. This is necessary in order that there is no destruction of the cladding. Apply our outdoor window trim ideas to your exterior design

Outside Trim Around Windows

In warm seasons, there is enough rainfall that can accumulate in the structure of the material, in winter the water can crystallize, thereby destroying the rock. The cladding should be resistant to weather conditions, and be made of a stable composition. The choice of a material that is not resistant to dampness is possible in the event that a sufficient level of ventilation is provided in the room.

TYPE 7-1: Outside Window Trim Molding

Popular materials for Outside Window Casing:

  • Plaster, putty from the cement composition.
  • Steel plates are covered with protective polymer paint. This format is used on window openings as stone, concrete walls, and on wooden houses.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Plastic plates are very practical to use, and easy to install.
  • Casing is made of wood. They are used for the registration of slopes from a log house and are installed flush.
  • Natural or artificial stone, tiles.
  • How the window is made with plastic
TYPE 7-2: Outside Window Trim Ideas For Houses

First of all, it is necessary to make slopes to the desired size. The workpieces are treated with a foam compound and then are screwed to the window. Next, you need to fill the seams with a sealant, which prevents moisture from flowing inside and drafting. If you want to achieve better fixing of the liner, then use strong dowels with screws.

TYPE 7-3: Outside Window Frame

Specialists recommend the use of a sanitary sealant. It is he who can exclude the development of fungus and mold. Slopes should be primed with primer in advance. Thanks to this sealant and foam, it is much better to keep the clutch.

TYPE 7-4: Outside Window Trim Pictures

After you have completed the priming of the walls, you should attach the tile or masonry to the frost-resistant adhesive. It is also possible to use a sealant on a silicone base, which is dotted over the whole plane of the decorative workpiece. Rubbing the seams is an epoxy or silicone base. Casing made of wood should be impregnated with a protective agent, which prolongs the life of the material. Copper nails without hats are used to fasten the clypeus to the window frame. To do this, use a punching machine, instead of a conventional hammer, which can visually damage the structure of the wood.

TYPE 8 ~ Arched window trim ideas to soften the lines of the window

The trim design of arched windows on the facade of the building is an important issue, which is worth a detailed examination. The exterior of the house can be compared with a person, but a window with a reflection of its internal state, the owner’s relationship to personal property.

Exterior Window Cornice Designs

Make the building more attractive to others with the help of platbands. They are able to transform windows, give them a new style and, in addition, protect against the influence of external factors. The main thing is to choose quality window frames and their design.

TYPE 8-1: Craftsman Exterior Window Trim Designs

The casing is made of a material that is designed to frame the window. The thickness of the clypeus is about 3-4 cm, so it will slightly bulge to create the aesthetics of the facade. Also, such a bar is able to close all kinds of gaps that form between the window box and the window plane. The platen does not allow precipitation, temperature, and pressure to enter the room. With the help of this element, it is possible to reduce the noise level in the house, to prevent the development of mold and fungus in the window area. The clypeus is installed for thermal insulation, so they retain heat inside the room.

TYPE 8-2: Exterior Window Frame Designs

Platbands are divided by types depending on the type of installation:

  • The invoice format. They are used to hide gaps between the wall surface and the window itself.
  • Telescopic format. In comparison with the above variant, here are present, so-called wings, which allow the clypeus to be fixed more tightly inside the seam.
  • An interesting fact: the casings are not only figured, but also flat, and rounded.
TYPE 8-3: Exterior Window Trim Design Options
TYPE 8-4: Outside Window Designs For Homes
  • Natural wood. This material will appeal to every connoisseur of the classics. Visually decorative facing will emphasize the nobility and luxury of the facade, and will give it a finishing touch.
  • MDF. The material has a fibrous structure of wood chips and dust. Such platbands are outwardly made out of paper or lacquer veneer to give aesthetics and protective qualities.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are usually installed on double-glazed windows. A wide variety of colors is available, so these platbands will fit stylishly under the format of siding, and plaster.
  • Polyurethane. Optimum format for window systems of rounded shape. Due to the high practicality, wide application, and ease of maintenance, these casing materials are widely used in everyday life.
  • Casing is made of metal. Metal galvanized sheets are coated with anti-corrosion paint.

TYPE 9 ~ Exterior window casing ideas for window slopes

The slope is a special element of the window system, which is able to close the opening between the surface of the facade and the window itself. Installation of slopes is done after installing a new window. External slopes, the price of which will be available for each user, are performed according to a certain technology. Our exterior window casing ideas will help you design your slopes

How to Make Window Trim

The main task of these works is to improve the quality of the window system. With the help of slopes, it is possible to keep the heat in the room, excluding moisture, atmospheric pressure, fungus, and mold.

TYPE 9-1: How to Install Exterior Trim Around a Window

Thermal insulation of foam slabs from the outside can completely eliminate seasonal heat loss, which is especially important during heating. External slopes of foam plastic, the price of which is available on the site of our company, are able to protect the mounting foam from destruction. Many users neglect the installation of slopes, which leads to rapid drying of the foam. It is the barrier between the external environment and the room, and fixes the window frame, so it is important to ensure its reliability and full protection against the negative influence of dampness and temperature.

TYPE 9-2: How To Replace Outside Window Trim

External slopes for plastic windows: advantages

  • Long service life. Over the years, they remain in their original form, preserving their integrity.
  • Slopes do not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric pressure, moisture, and temperature.
  • They are reliable thermal insulation and soundproofing windows.
  • Simple in terms of installation, does not require a lot of time and effort.
  • Create an aesthetic appearance of the window, making the facade more accurate.
TYPE 9-3: How To Make Exterior Window Trim

The slopes of the foam on the outside will be very practical to use and easy to install. To increase the strength parameter, it is necessary to reinforce the material with GRP. With the help of a stapler or a construction adhesive, the two blanks are bonded together, after which they are processed with putty. The application of putty preserves the strength of the foam and its original qualities. Slopes of foam plastic, the price of which is considered to be one of the most economical, will fit within a limited budget.

TYPE 9-4: How To Put Trim Around A Window
TYPE 9-5: How To Replace Trim Around Windows

Especially for you we have prepared a number of tips on the issue – of slopes from the polystyrene master class. Finishing of slopes with the help of polystyrene is carried out according to the following technology:

  • The surface is prepared, cleaning it from contamination. Further, cracks and slots are filled with adhesive cement. After the surface dries, it is necessary to treat the surface with a primer.
  • The sheets of styrofoam are cut out with a knife by the size of the workpiece. In order for the material to adhere to the slope, it is necessary to apply an adhesive base. With the help of the level, the workpiece is leveled and then fastened with dowels.
  • After the fastening is done, it is necessary to apply the putty. To the material is applied a cut reinforced mesh, and then a layer of putty is applied. Next, you should install the corners from the metal.
  • After complete drying, the final layer of putty is applied and treated with grout, and painting.

TYPE 10 ~ Modern window casing ideas for original exterior

For the window casing design of the modern window on the facade of the building, stucco molding is used. The exterior decoration allows creating of the original exterior of the building, demonstrating to the people the author’s imagination.

Stucco Decorative Moldings

Today, a wide variety of materials and formats of facade molding are available in the construction market. Do you want to create something memorable and special? Choose an ensemble with enough details. The facade can be designed both in a laconic and restrained design, and an elegant, luxurious format.

TYPE 10-1: Exterior Stucco Trims Moldings

First of all, it is able to decorate the exterior of the house. This is the best solution for those who are tired of boring architecture. It is possible to embody the most daring ideas. Protection of the window from moisture, development of mold and fungus, as well as reliable heat and noise insulation. Stucco has a sufficient thickness to protect the premises from cold, and dampness. Stucco from most materials is very easy to install. Despite its cumbersome format, it can have a small weight. Therefore, the building can be transformed in a matter of hours. A wide variety of formats. Decorative elements can be made of different materials, and have different shapes and designs.

TYPE 10-2: Decorative Stucco Trim

Even the most faceless building is able to start playing with new colors, to become more fresh and alive with the help of stucco molding. The facade reflects the exterior of the house, so it is possible to demonstrate the nobility, and exquisiteness of the exterior to others. The architectural elements of foam plastic can also look luxurious and pompous, like billets made of natural stone and gypsum. Creating a real work of art is possible, due to the ability of the foam to be processed. This material has recently been used in construction. Its practical and aesthetic features will give delight to the user for many years.

TYPE 10-3: Exterior Stucco Trim

Polyfoam can have absolutely any shape, so the design of the building can be designed according to an individual project.

TYPE 10-4: Foam Design Stucco

The material is covered with plaster, trowel, or other mortar, which makes the stucco more durable and durable. The user can decorate the façade with false columns, shutters, and cornices made of embossed polystyrene foam. The modern design of the building can be decorated with a strict bulging frame. Polyfoam is rightly considered to be the most environmentally friendly and practical material that will please you for many years.


If you are interested in the question – of how to properly place the windows in the house – then you are exactly at the address. In this article, we will discuss how to achieve the optimal proportions of windows in relation to the facade. Agree, the house with windows of different sizes, placed at different levels will look too extravagant.

How To Trim Out A Window Exterior

For example, the window opening must be correctly emphasized with decorative elements, otherwise, the exterior will give visual imbalance. When changing or moving window openings, it is important to take into account their size relative to the wall area.

How To Trim Exterior Windows

The design and shape of the windows should reflect the sense of balance and aesthetics of the designer. Building technologies and standards allow achieving the best result. Many property owners rely on personal intuition, as they say, “by eye”, in the process of forming a new facade. Disregarding the drawing, and the proportions of the wall, it is possible to incorrectly place the windows. The ideal location of the windows in relation to the beginning of the foundation is the center of the wall. It is determined by the golden section, which can be divided into several equal parts.

How To Replace Exterior Window Trim

The correct proportions of the window are related to the length and height of the wall. It is not right to place windows the size of a meter per meter on a wall more than 6 meters high and the same length. Modern trends favor the use of a window that will form a certain panorama.

How To Frame A Window With Molding

The window frame should be at least 40-60 cm from the floor. The exception is a panoramic window from the floor to the ceiling.

Exterior arched window trim ideas

Optimal sizes of windows in a private house are based on the capabilities of the heating system. The larger the window, the better the rooms should warm up to compensate for heat loss. If you are installing panoramic windows, it is best to install an in-floor concatenator. Decorative cladding is able to successfully emphasize the windows, and visually make them invisible. How big is the window in the house?

How To Build Window Trim

If you have small windows installed, then you should install side moldings, and pilasters, which will visually enlarge its sides.

Outdoor window molding ideas

For high vertical windows, the side columns that extend the window frame perfectly match. For windows of a square shape of considerable size, you can not install decorative elements. They will only aggravate the appearance of the window, making it congested. Windows on the facade, the drawing of which you can order from professional designers, allows you to make decorative elements. If you are eager to bring the author’s notes to the exterior of the house, we recommend trusting professionals.

How To Put Trim Around Windows

Today, a huge number of styles are available that open the door to creativity. The main thing that should be based on – is the dimensions of the house, and then the style direction (classics, modern, hi-tech, etc.).